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Favor Guys? Please please please?

My country (Philippines) is drowning right now. There's so much rain, and people and their doggies are on the roofs of their houses trying to survive.

So please do this for a fellow killjoy: do The Sun Dance. It goes like this:

Bring all your fingers to your thumbs with both you hands at shoulder level pointing to the sky. Then stand up (please stand up) and hop on one leg. Your fingers must open and close repeatedly as you hop on one leg. That is the Filipino's Sun Dance.

Seriously guys! My people have been super positive about all this even when their villages have turned to rivers.

I don't know why

But the good people always are the first ones to leave. Why are the bad people the ones who live longer? It makes no fucking sense.

My teacher just died

He got stabbed on his way home, his body was found on the streets. Four vains popped, and blood went to his brain. He slipped in a coma, but even if he does wake up, ther's no chance of locomotor skills, ever, so his family's just gonna pull the plug.

In all my 16 years of living, I've never ever cried for anyone. Not a boy, not a relative, not even in funerals. I don't know why I'm starting now.

Guys. Please.

Search and read "Squidward's Suicide".
Google it. Yahoo it. I don't care how you find it. But when you do, READ IT.
I read it when I was all alone, raining hard outside and fucking cold, I got so scared :)) but please read it. I haven't checked out any video clips or pictures (except for the one already shown where Squidward's eyes are bleeding). This is no prank, but it's super creepy.

Oh! And please comment here ^^ no one ever comments on my blorgs.
Yes, it's scary. Just for the ones who are up for a long-ish creepy read.

Now you're just a cheesecake that I used to know

Girl in my bus throws candy bar wrapper out the window, I mentally bash her head on the air conditioner.

Littering is BAD. No excuses.
Reminding the MCRmy to love nature :)
From your friendly Pantheist,
Corpse :D

If I was your chicken, I'd never let you go

Nevermind the title.

So me and my guy friend were talking and then he asks me "So Jonina, why don't you have a boyfriend yet?" I was quiet for a while cos I honestly did not know how to answer that :)) I mean, I don't know! Go ask all the boys who don't ask me out LOL :))

I said "I'm busy. You know, with trying to get in a college and stuff". He didn't buy it. He said if you're passionate about something, you'll always have time for it like how I always make time for painting, drawing, church, and playing my guitar. So I just said "maybe I'm not the date-able kind" :))

It kinda sucked

If I could ride into the future

I know I could do something to help the world become a better place or something... But I know I'm just gonna head to the nearest CD Store and check out what MCR has by then :))) I'm just so excited to find out what's next!!! They should start making those "clue-videos" they posted before DD came out. ^^

Who else is exciteeeeeeeed?? :D
Who else loves MCR to the deeeeaaaath??? :D
Who else has a flat chest??? :D

Wat. K. Bye.

They'll never get me alive!

Today, my guy classmate (we'll call him A) told me I had small boobs. I acted like it was nothing, but when I was alone, I wanted to cry an ocean. But then I texted my other guy friend, Vito, told me "don't worry. He has small boobs :-)" I laughed and texted with him for a good 5 minutes.

Yea, I have small boobs. But fuck you, A!
I made a song about how much I hate him, and that's all.

Well aren't you just precious?! :D

Yeah you are!

Anyway, I know that you know that we all know about Ferard, riight? Right.
Oh Ferard. My very first internet porn :))) don't judge. I'm not the only one :)) ;) anyway, I started reading years back, and glancing at some short stories makes me feel like a weird kid again xD

So can anyone link me to some good ones?

Stuffs for Zone 6

The first is an orange man from the black parade, which I especially made for all you lovely killjoys!

The second is a smiley full of cookies for all you motor babies!

And the third is what we all love to do in this site: Not do our school works :))

I loves you all killjoys! I really want you guys to know that. I have colds right now and my head feels like it's in a fishbowl cos it's been raining here in the Philippines, but nothing's gonna take my sunshine away as long as my playlist's full of MCR xD

Love lots!
Don't fight!
Give kisses!
That's all :D