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My friends! :D

I'm on chapter 18 of The Dove Keeper (aka, the best ferard story of all time), and I'm fucking crying!!!!! :))) I am honestly crying cos I suck major dick.

This is far worse than when Bella and Edward couldn't be together cos he wanted to eat her ( or someThing like that. I dunno), but in TDK, they can't be together because of society! X((( Because one is 47 years old and the other is 17, and their both guys :(((( THAT'S FUCKING HEARTBREAKING IF YOU ASK ME! :))

Okay LOL. Go back to your merry lives now cos I just had to say that :))

Guys! Dude, I had a totally creepy dream :))

I dreamt that I woke up in a mental hospital, I was lying on a bed-super soft. When I tried to tell my doctor that I have to go home, he shook his head and said

"Jonina, we've been through this. This is all in your head" then he explains to me that MY WHOLE LIFE was just made up in my brain and I realize that I was just a baby.

I had dreamt my entire life and I really was just a baby. Then starts my "what the fuck" mode.

Poll time!!!
What if you woke up and you were a baby? What would you do?

Holy mother of dove keeper

I'm 7 chapters in to the worlds greatest (and I'm pretty sure- longest) Ferard fic I ever knew, and I'm going INSANE. The dove keeper. This is so much better than those shitty school settings fictions or anything else. God. I want a movie on this!!! Who else has read this? It's a fricking masterpiece. I know a lot of you guys suggested me to it, so now I am consumed by it. To those who don't know The Dove Keeper, know it.

Fact time!!
Did you know, that when you fall in love, you lose 2 close friends?
Now you know :D

And this has been FACT TIME! Mother fuckers.. ^^
With your favourite


Not too crazy for Petunia of the Galaxy, but I do love Professional Greifers. I downloaded the crap version (the ones illegally downloaded by friends so it still sounded like crap, aka: I downloaded it before it was officially released) cos it was so fricking cool. And you know why?


Basically, from what it sound like, this is gonna be like, Danger Days extended. Same genre. Gee mentioned they'd dress up for this album, which I'm absolutely STOKED for. Bring back the black jackets! Hahaha! Or you know... Do something absolutely shocking again.

Nights like these

Can't sleep when so many things are running in my head. I wanna kidnap all my friends and party with them, although we're not old enough to actually do any of that. :))

I don't want to stay in my house. You feel me?

You should do your homework, you know.

And I should too, and yet we find ourselves in this mere blogsphere. I don't know why I keep going back here. I've got no definite friends here, and most of us don't. And yet we talk to each other like were gay lovers, close brothers, and sometimes, we talk like drunk mother fuckrs.

I'm never gonna give this shit up. MCR might not last forever, but the MCRmy will. This band is my childhood, my preteen and teenage life.

Anybody knows a good Ferard story?

Religion and Stuff: So upset right now please heeelp

Can you guys help me? I recently just became a Pantheist (belief that God and the cosmos/nature are the same things), and my mom and dad thinks it's disturbing. I don't actually know how to speak to my parents about this. It's not like I gave up being Catholic for Pantheism!

Here's what I wrote on the Pantheist group page on FB:
"I went to a chapel the other day, and I felt different. Everything felt strange. There were flower offerings to God, but I knew that those flowers were from nature, given to man, and now to this man-made altar. The room also made me feel weird.

Lonely reader problems

Just finished reading a really great story. NOW WHAT DO I DO WITH MY LIFE??!?!??! I WANNA GO BACK TO SCHOOL!!! :((((

I'm really hesitant to read another one. What if the next one I pick won't be as good as the one I just finished!?!? Although that was my second short story to have finished... And the first one was great too. Ugh. Reader problems.

Rant if it sucks, rave if it rocks!!!

Okay, so I'm back on Ferard attacks and I have read THE most awesome ones.

Death in the Afterlife
- Which is a realistic story of Gerard coming out and the band dealing with the changes. But what they don't know is that he only did it cos he likes Frank. And...

With Dripping Wings
- Which is a story of Gerard being an angel who got kicked out of heaven and Frank is a demon.

IT'S FREAKING AWESOME! I just finished reading With Dripping Wings and it's fucking magical. It's so fictionally awesome and no porn stuff so it's cool.


Just blogging to remind myself to:

- continue reading Part II of this ferard story called With Dripping Wings on Ferard for the Masses
- brush your fucking teeth
- take a bath once in a while