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Adressing my pack of wolves: I know you're all stoked!

Time capsule? Did those words seriously come out of Frank's blog? Yeah. They totally did.

So does this mean we're gonna have a taste of old MCR back, or the could it be a more basic form of Danger Days, or maybe it'll be just something in between? We'll find out on October! I literally shit my shorts when I read Frank's blog.

I've got a hunch.
You guys remember that unrecorded demo posted in youtube called "Kiss the Ring"? (which, by the way, I LOVED SO MUCH), could it be that this is one of the songs they will put in Conventional Weapons? Who knows.

See ya'll in October when CW comes out!

Just finished reading The Dove Keeper

Now what do I do with my life? :(((

The Dove Keeper: Fangirling

Dooges, I'm super dooper in love with TDK these past few weeks. I found out that my name, Jonina, means "little dove", so now I'm fangirling like fbcriebcihrebcciddehcndjjcofj!!!!!!!!

Professional Greifers acoustic cover

Post or no post? :D

Sup Sexy Kids

I made an acoustic cover of Professional Greifers :)) This is so fucking funny, I have never done any covers before that were originaly formulated in my fucked up brain.

To post or not to post?

Please don't hate me

Okay, I don't want to come of big-headed, but I think a girl has a crush on me. Before you start rolling your eyes, I just want to say that her friends confirm it, but in a jokey manner so I'm just confused. And I'm a girl. I also flirt. I know "the signs". But, in this case, I don't think I want to see "the signs".

It's flattering, don't get me wrong. And I also have NOTHING against lesbians or gay people. and to the fact that she's into girls. But I'm into guys and, first and foremost, she is my FRIEND.

Today, I had felt things

I went out with friends today without informing my parents. I felt wreckless for some reason. I didn't want to go home and I figured I'd deal with the screaming my mom would give me later (which she did).

But as I was walking on my way home under the rain, I started to feel awkwardly great. I felt fucking magical. I was drenched in rain and sweat and I knew my family and friends have been worried sick, but I was feeling so great. I have never gone out without my parents permission before. Walking home, I started to feel powerful knowing I could do things to peoples hearts without effort.

Chapter 32 of The Dove Keeper

So many nights I have been obsessing about this story, and nothing hurts.
I think I might just cry from the sheer beauty of how this is written.

Daddy Frankie

Frank: I love you guys!
Cherry: I love you!
Lilly: I love cookies


Frank: Lilly, what did you dream about?
Lilly: Ponies.
Frank: Really? What was the ponies name?
Lilly: Dracula

Oh my god, that was too cute, it gave me rabies.


New layout! Professional Greifers music video out today!

I think I just came!!!
My friends! My gay lovers! My brothers and sisters, do you know what this means?!? We are OFFICIALLY out of Zone 6 and into the brand new ERA of...

MCR5!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! Now what's the fucking title of this era?? :))
I know you're all just as stoked as I am.