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Latest artworks ^^

1. "Please Don't Cry"
2. "A Fine Day to Marry (Squid)"
3. "Some days I feel like a seventeen year old side dish"

All are pencil on paper and digitally colored on ^^ Except the second, which was also done on Photoshop, other than ribbet. I found that drawing is my vent. These are all my emotions this week.

I drew the first cos I wanted to cry because I felt as if my crush would never like me "that" way. Haha! Teenage problems :P

The second cos I thought to myself, even if you're weird, or silly, or have a squid for a head, someone out there will love you one day and marry you.


I almost had sex for the first time

I don't know if anyone here finds it weird that I'm making such a big deal out of losing the big V for the first time, cos some people just loose it. But it's a big deal for me. And it almost happened yesterday night, and I swear if God wasn't there to stop me and my friend Roni from making a terrible mistake, I don't think I'd be able to live with myself.

So here's my story.

First of all, I need you to know Roni. He's a friend. I'm not in love with him nor have a crush on, and vice versa.

I'm dedicating this one to IWANTCOFFEE and SIDTASTIC007

C'mon, indulge me for 3 minutes and 41 seconds.

And this is to everyone who's going through bad things right now.

Finished! :D

Ah! So happy I'm done. 2 hours pencil on paper, and another 2 digitally coloring on Wahoo!

Now time to eat some fried potatoes of death to celebrate! Haha!

Conventional Weapons is over?!?!?

That's all the songs?!?!? Nuuuuuuuu!!!!! :))))

I wanted like, 5 or 10 more to achieve full eargasm :))) NOOOOOOOOOOOO I WANT MOAR!! Ah well. My comment on the whole album:


Agree? :)

BTW: Any of you know Crown the Empire? Their one of my new faves ^^

"The simple things you do make me happy"

Oh my fucking cheese ^^ (blush)
My crush said that!!!!

Okay. You can take me now, Lord.


When's the next song from Conventional Weapons coming out? I swear I'm dying!! And what's the tile? ^^

I've been stuck in my house for DAYS. I need my friends. I need him. I need french fries!!! Oh wait, I just ate french fries. Ah, well.

Coconuts are healthy ^^
The Philippines is awesome ^^


It's Self harm awareness month!

6 years ago, this world gave me all the reasons to disappear from it and just kill myself. But it's the same world that taught me how to love, so that gave me reason to live again.

I'm just happy.

Just had an awesome night with my friends. I love them so much, this is crazy. High School is ending for me, I'm so fortunate to have met my true friends. Some people don't have that blessing.

I can't believe I'm graduating in less than 30 days... It's so crazy. In High School, I recovered from my depression, relapsed a few times, but I would never have survived it if it weren't for my boys and girls. They have no idea how grateful I am to have them cos it wasn't always this way for me.

When I was a kid, no one liked me. I was bullied everyday.

Jus sayn'

Madness by Muse.

I love dat :)) Listen to it?
Okay ^^