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Summer Shirts!

Acrylic paint + Old shirt + My fucked up brain = Summer shirts!

Well this is what I'm gonna do my entire summer! Haha :))
The first is an apple shirt, and the other one is just a grunge shirt with my name on it.

I'm planning to make my next one with that tiger on it, so wish me luck! Haha! It's gonna be so fun ^^

Making shirts

I found what to do all summer long! Haha, it's so fun.

Painting shirts! ^^
(And modeling them, hehe)

Is it just me

Or there are faint signs everywhere that even with MCR gone, there's still something... Coming? I can't quite put my finger on it. There are signs that the boys are planning something more.

Check this out, MCRmy. Everyone.

Help me! Anyone?

I feel like I've hit another bump in the road, and I'm scared cos I don't know if my MCRmy family's still here for me even with MCR gone! :(

I've been blogging about my crush for my entire senior year, and this summer, I finally got his heart. How?


Long story short, we're friends, I had a massive crush on him, I sexted with him for 2 days, after cooling off, we were a thing.

It would be all a dream come true, but why do I feel like this isn't right? Every time he asks a picture of my body, I feel so violated and I don't know how to tell him that I don't feel comfortable about it.

We'll Carry On

Nuff said.

MCR was my childhood, my teenhood, and theirs is the songs I will sing to my baby in the future.

I just graduated today, and came home to this news

My childhood is ending.

Latest artworks ^^

1. "Please Don't Cry"
2. "A Fine Day to Marry (Squid)"
3. "Some days I feel like a seventeen year old side dish"

All pencil on paper and digitally colored on and *Photoshop.
Sad emotions brought these drawings to life. Ugh. Being a teenager sucks sometimes.

*only for 2nd artwork

Latest artworks ^^

1. "Please Don't Cry"
- Drew it cos I was sad. I felt like my crush didn't like me back. (Teenage problems. Haha!)
2. "A Fine Day to Marry(Squid)"
- No matter how weird, fat, different you are... That even if you have a squid for a face, someone will fall in love with you one day and marry you.
3. "Some days I feel like a seventeen year old side dish"
- Title speaks for itself. Some days I feel left out. Like a wallpaper. Or a side dish.

Drawing releases the pain. **Sigh** I hate being a teenager. Some days I'm horny, some days I'm sad, some days I'm happy, some days I just wanna dance.

Latest artwork ^^

"Some days I feel like a seventeen year old side dish"
Pencil on paper/ digitally colored on

Feeling sad cos I always feel like everyone's second option. So I drew this and.. I guess I feel a bit better. A bit. by 2% :))

Latest artworks ^^

All are pencil on paper and digitally colored on ^^ Except the second, which was also done on Photoshop, other than ribbet. I found that drawing is my vent. These are all my emotions this week.

1. "Please Don't Cry"
~I drew the first cos I wanted to cry because I felt as if my crush would never like me "that" way. Haha! Teenage problems :P

2. "A Fine Day to Marry (Squid)"
~The second cos I thought to myself, even if you're weird, or silly, or have a squid for a head, someone out there will love you one day and marry you.

3. "Some days I feel like a seventeen year old side dish"