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Ch. 8 of new story

Finally, it's here. Perhaps my favorite chapter so far for the ending. It was a great experience to write. Enjoy. And if you're new to this story, you'll find everything on my blog.


Corey could feel the air getting thinner. Gram had a stare that was cold and collected. And the dead silence of his kitchen didn't help. Corey didn't know what to say.
"What if I say no?" He said to Gram.
"We both know you want to." Gram leaned forward and interlaced his hands upon the table. "Be one of us. Give the world some of its enchantment back… You seem like a pretty angry kid. Put your destruction to some use."

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Update MCRmy

I've been sick and I didn't know what to do so I made a video doing stuff with playing cards. Hope you like.

Also I'm writing again, sorry I haven't updated any of my stories. I'm still working on the crop circles one. I've been really busy in magic. I'm writing a column for the Magic Castle newsletter which is HUGE! So psyched. I'm gonna make an MCR song video soon. Just wanna figure out what it will be and stuff. I wanna put a lot of effort into it. Well have a good one.

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I'm the one who looks like Gerard Way. (Just a little though.)

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My HOT Girlfriend

This is a great picture of her making a point in her AP art class about Gerard Way. I feel so blessed.

…okay I don't really know what she was talking about but hey, isn't Gerard Way just about everyone's default?

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my vlog: thoughts on the hunger games

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Ch. 7 of new story

New to the story? Here's ch. 1:


Lost. No. He couldn't be lost. He just couldn't get turned around. Corey's lighter only lit the next couple of feet in front of him on the dirt road up to Sally Anne's corn field. He knew if he kept going he would eventually find the fence. He kept walking. He couldn't hear any crickets in the blackness, nor see any light from the moon. It was dead. The road began to turn and soon he saw the fence. It was wooden with posts, very much like the fence on the other side for the Jennings field.

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MCR - Ieroween bracelets!!!


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