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thank you :)

i was reading through some posts earlier today and saw a few things that made me really happy!!! so thank you guys, i always know you all r here and can complete my day :) i'll always know that there r people willing to listen to what i have to say and people who know what you're going through. its been a few hours and i'm still happy :) this just proves how close, caring, etc. people you barely know can be. people who dont really know you or what you look like or that kind of stuff can help you :) how something so simple and meaningful can bring us together...

rant about society and beauty...(dont have to read)

so first of all r.i.p. to all who have lost their lives and bless the ones who have lost loved ones.

but...i've been annoyed lately about our screwed up society.
does it really matter how much you weigh? i know a girl who's thought about suicide and not eating so she can fit in. (she's doing better now)
this one guy didnt really like sports in my school and he'd be writing short stories and poems. i thought that was pretty cool. the other guys made fun of him for not being tough and shit like that.
one girl doesnt have many friends because people say she's ugly and bad at everything and that