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hate waking up from cool dreams

man i had a awesome dream, it was funny cause i was listening to MCR and i fell asleep and next thing ya know im a killjoy (go figure) and kobra kid was evil basically the draculoids took him over and processed him but the rest of the killjoys and myself were trying to save him and a small kid then i woke up and i was so sad, i really wish that there were actual killjoys and draculoids OR just a killjoy flash mob >:) oh yeah Ritalin wilds feeling mischievous BUT i kinds wanna change my killjoy name but idk what do yall think

killjoy personality is drawn up and ready to go


oh the irony :)

after telling off the friend ive had since freshman year she still dont understand why im pissed.... i haven't talked to her in like 2 weeks and i wont cause its always how she loves her bf / fiance and how her family hates her and how her moms a bitch.... so when she told me this i exploded and told her at least your mom fucking cares mine never did for 17 years, shes a little brat and it made me mad cause i used to bad mouth my mom and the IRONY is she said (one day you will need me and i wont be there) BING-FUCKING-O so in turn this girls got the short end of the stick and i told her how

"your not in this alone!"

<3 were never alone


i know i post alot and i apologize but.... i was hit up with the idea that my brother may not be my brother... see todays marks a year that my family fell apart and my dad told e that the guy my mom cheated on my dad with looks exactly like my 18 year old brother now i fear that my older brother aint even mine (tears) i really at this point dont know what to do with life im soo hopeless and i hope MCR can save me again it did 4 years ago but now i really hope that this bands music saves me yet agian :'(

listen up EVERYONE!!!!!!!

i heard of the women who was bullied by middle schoolers.... whats happening to this world??? i hated middle school, elementary school and pre K (got kicked out cause i hated it) all due to bullying and no one realizes the impact it gives anyone, who here has been or still is bullied???? kids need to grow up this stuff is un called for and ok so what people are a lil overweight SO what people cant afford the new I phone or the latest pair of shoes or clothes... do bullies realize that the kid they are picking on has more going on in their lives and the bullying becomes too overwhelming.... no

it all started 4 years ago with a thing called CHORUS

You hear how people say their love of music began blaah blah blah years ago... for me it began 4 years ago as a freshman in the Lafayette high school chorus in Lafayette Louisiana... when i entered high school i was terrified as to what people thought of me and how i looked in my school uniform EVERYTHING mattered to me then i walked into my choir class (late the 1st day went to lunch) and i knew right there that THIS IS IT and so my love for music began, it took me away from my home life with my mom and got me out of the dark depression which caused (ill say it) cutting... it was music that

hmmmm new day....

well better today than i was yesterday, still kinda hits ya when you think bout every event that happens to change your life forever: my future is BULLETPROOF i know im better than shell ever be and who knows shell understand one day :) thanks for the people who commented last night know that i will ask for help whenever and same with me if you have a problem ill help as much as i humanly can stay cool killjoys im off to work

tired and alone with my thoughs

its 2 am in Ohio... im sitting here sayin (sleep now cause youll need it for work) but yet again i cant... my best friends dad left her family like my mom did a year ago, its nice to know that your whole life was a huge joke and that your the blame... and all day ive listened to MCR and i try to keep hope but im sick of keeping my faith when im falling to pieces everyday... if anyone reads this i ask for some kind of help ANY


well MCR army follow me on tumblr killjoy 2013 GOOOO BE INTERNETT ORIENTED :)