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turn of events

my friend called me last night and ive known her since she was a freshman.

im good now :D

i feel better now, thank you all for helping me and im glad i can be part of this family i love all you killjoys and i love My Chemical Romance thanks for the inspiration and the act of never giving up... im gonna fight my demons no matter how long it takes me love you guys always KILLJOYS FOREVER

relapse and preying to God

[Post edited: Please refrain from posting about self harm as it is against the rules. Unfortunately due to serious legal issues we cannot allow posts of this nature on this website, so don't take it personally. If you want to talk, you could write a blog asking people to message you and the majority are happy to help. Sorry, and thank you for understanding. The mods xo]

3. No self harm posts
If you are feeling like you may harm yourself please contact someone who can help.

Call 1-800-273-8255 or visit or

The Story of RITALIN WILD ch.1-how did we get here

name, Ritalin Wild. i was born in lone town Ohio and moved to Cali... the year is 2019; ohio has been destryed by BL/ind with hopes of peace... what a crock. i had taken my katana, harley davidson and what meaningful possessions i had owend and headed to the west coast. When the call came from Jet Star.... it went down like this "you are not alone, do not run from your past but join the killjoys to overthrow Korse and the BL/ind... were in california so get out here." and there i was. 17 and alone but what did it matter?

ULL CAJUN BOUND <3 senior 2013 on the road to college :)

WELL to all my lovely killjoys i completed my 1st college application and have to send 25$ to the university in Lafayette Louisiana for the application fee then i take ACT and SATs and the waiting game begins.... feels a little surreal like a dream but its a reality and soon ill know for sure am i a ULL ragin cajun????? wish me luck killjoys cause music will be my major and firefighting will be my game :) im reaching for the stars and will achieve my dreams no matter the risk



dear god <3

I have had a thing about allowing god into my life for a year and im finally understanding that the path he has me going will make me stronger, i am now happy with putting all my burdens upon him and feel better knowing he loves me no matter what i do in life

nothing else matters but my convictions and family is everything

i may have made a mistake by saying what was on my mind and now i wont speak to you but i was right in what i had to say, cause if you can talk bout your mom like that and think shell be there tomorrow then you got a whole other thing coming cause i always believed my momma was there after the things i said to her and when she said *one day i wont be there when you need me* proves ya gotta watch what ya say and prey to god that that person will always be there no matter what. i wish i could take back what i said to my mom but its done now and its all in gods hands

This Is It, Here comes the future

Its officially july 1st where im at, i have a month till i return to school as a senior and well...... im terrified, i wish that high school did not go by so fast and that life wasnt what it is today, a year ago i would never have imagined sitting in good old Springfield Ohio and not graduating with my friend whom ive known since freshman year now im graduating with a class that i barley know (its a 50-50) and a whole school of preps and jocks and im the outcast token lil trumpet girl who is learning the instrument by the guy she likes but knows damn well it aint gonna work, so why bother????

man in the mirror

ok i listen to MCR and BVB BFMV and any and all band except rap BUT one person i love the most is Michael Jackson and man in the mirror is my all time FAVE song :)

need advice

i wanna change my killjoy name from Ritalin wild to something else do you guys have any ideas?????? Ideas are much appreciated