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more pics

the first has one of my fave quotes of his

the second is my wallpaper

and 3rd an Andy Six one for good luck lol

random pics

so u probably saw the pictures over there ------>
or you read the title

early sunsets over monroeville (part 14)

Hey guys I'd like to mention before I start but you know how I mentioned a man named Static? well in the story he represent an ex boyfriend that beat Amira half to death when she tried to break up with him. Uh leave a comment saying if I should write a back story for Static because I know its probably kinda confusing.
~Amiras dream~
I was in the old factory I explored. I felt a presence behind me.... I tried to turn around but I was frozen.
"I told you not to come back here, Amira" I heard Statics voice say.

this is all the parts to early sunsets over monroeville

part 1
Amiras pov
I panted with thirst,the alarm sounded louder, FUCK why did I do it? I ran like hell. I was in zone 7 crossing into 6. i cant go home. i ran to ghouls house. I knocked on the door no one answered.
"GHOUL! OPEN THIS DOOR NOW!" I screamed, shot the lock, and kicked the door open.
"you almost shot my head off!" he yelled
"lock the door hide me do anything! thanks for letting me come"
"u shot the door how am i supposed to lock it?! what did u do?" he said
"ghoul does it really matter now? the Dracs are after me!"
"fine. I'm sorry i asked" he pouted.
"hun I'm sorry i yelled....

early sunsets over monroeville (part 13)

Amiras pov
*a week later*
I was sitting in the hospital holding Ghouls hand praying to god he'd wake up.
"Ghoul please, please wake up!" I cried into his chest.
"I love you so much" I whispered.
"what happened?" Someone in a hoarse voice whispered.
"Ghoul? Is that really you? your awake!?" I yelled.
"ya I'm awake what happened?!"
"static shot you and you went into a coma!" I said, and kissed him.
"woah maybe this should happen more often" he giggled.
"no! don't even joke about that I have cried non-stop!" I yelled at him.
"fine! I wont.

early sunsets over monroeville (part 12)

hey guys I am once again posting the next part. I hope you like it.
Amiras pov
I was asleep in Ghouls bed. I woke up cause I herd a noise. When I turned around Ghoul wasn't next to me anymore.
"Ghoul? Stop please don't I'm not joking around"
no one answered me. I got up and walked outside. Ghoul was sitting on the porch smoking.
"Ghoul? I heard a noise and got scared" I said and sat next to him.
"it's fine.... I'll go check it out.
Ghouls pov.
I walked into the house. none of the lights were on.

early sunsets over monroeville (part 11)

still Amiras pov
Mikey held me tight. He rocked back and forth. When he realized I was awake we started talking.
"Amira if you don't go talk to Party he isn't gonna forgive you. or do something really stupid" he said.
"I know but I have no idea what to say to him. I need help! I have some sort of problem!" I started crying again.
"Amira please stop crying I will help you through this. your my best friend!" he said squeezing me tighter.
"Mikey help me talk to him! please" I said and hugged him back.
"okay we will go out there you talk to him if you start to act out I will let you know and stop


hey guys so im super bored here in Utah its almost 1 am and im not tired yet so i will post part 11 of my fanfic so ya.
-Leda Suicide X_X

early sunsets over monroeville (part 10)

Amiras pov
"Ghoul! come here" I said.
"what is it?" he asked.
"well I decided tonight I'm gonna break up with Party but I don't know how to do it..... Do you have any ideas on how to do it?"
"well let him down easy you aren't a heart breaker and you don't want to break his heart if you do he might not forgive you so tell him you love him alot but you don't think it's gonna work out" Ghoul said.
"what if I chicken out? Or get lost in his eyes? Or what if I DO break his heart?" I asked.
"ok Amira pretend I'm him. Break up with me" he said.
"so Party I was thinking. I love you like alot.

(I dont like titles so yeah...)

hey I haven't blogged in a couple days. So I've been having a good couple days I just want the people who read my fanfic that I will be posting part 10 soon sometime tonight so leave your comments on it I also haven't blogged cus I had writters block so yeah. I hope you guys like my fanfic I kinda like it. I'm gonna make it better I always write stories and in the begging of them they are kinda boring in the begging but it will get better. so in like 20 minutes im gonna post part 10 of Early Sunsets Over Monroeville. So ya I don't have much to say. So love yuh!
Leda Suicide X_X