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a new story im writting

well heres a sneak peak kind thing: Amira Silver is 14 years old. She has a boyfriend he is very loyal, his name is Jayy. Her best friends name is Kait. When Amira was 5 her parents died so she lives with her aunt, Haily. but Haily is barely ever home so she is always staying with Kait or Jayy. One day Amira, Kait, and Jayy were walking home when a man threatened to kidnap Amira. Jayy wouldn't let them. That night Amira went missing. No one can find her, anywhere. She was kidnapped, beaten, and thrown in the middle of nowhere.
and thats all i am gonna tell you!

random and stuff.... Oh ya and California!

so I'm in California right now and i fucking hate it cuz im sick I just wanna go home!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BTW im from Utah. Its fucking hot I'm sick and not even MCR is making me better.... WTF!?!? MCR always makes me better I must be really sick :( and I took a shower and my hair extensions fell out so Im stuck with short hair for now D: dammit!!! I have a weird song stuck in my head but its kinda catchy here it is (the patrt thats stuck in my head):
Fresh to death dont u dare forget!
Ghetto blasting hot sex everlasting
blasting through your sterio


what are your thoughts of BOTDF heres a song by them:
tell me your thoughts


The name of the game is:
created by: Deathwisher85

Rules: Pick 20 of your favorite people, musicians, celebrities, whoever, and use them to answer these 20 questions. You may only use a name once, and all names must be used. It's hard so good luck making decisions haha.

The Questions:
1. Who would you go on a vacation with?
2. Who would you go to the mall with?
Dahvie V
3. Who would you go on a roller coaster with?
4. Who would you sing a duet with?
5. Who would you go to dinner with?
Sally S
6. Who would you go to a scary movie with?
Mikey W
7. Who

more pics from warped tour

so Jayy was totaly rocking out in the picture of him. And then theres some more pics of Andy Sexy...... I mean Andy Six!

more pics from warped tour

so I made friends with Jayy Von Monroe so when he was onstage he was posing for me to take his picture.
And Ashley was the same way. Lol SO SWEEEET tee hee :D


here are some pictures I will post more lol
I got spit on twice by Andy once by Ashley Purdy.
Andy wasnt dressed very well sorry
and Dahvie Vanity splashed me with his monsters several times (3 times to be exact)


1] Are you bi?
[2] Where was your Facebook profile picture taken?
I don't have a facebook
[3] What is your middle name?
[4] Do you have a crush?
[5] Does your crush like you back
[6] What is your current mood?
Nothing lol
[7] What are you looking forward to?
California tomorrow
[8] What makes you happy?
[9] Look at a poster in your room, who's on it?
My Chemical Romance and BOTDF
[10] What are you not looking forward to?
MCR concert
[11] If you must be an animal for one day, what would you be?
[12] Have you ever had a near death experience?

early sunsets over monroeville (part 19)

Ghouls pov
Amira walked out of my room.
"Amira wait! Don't go!" I yelled after her.
"stop talking to me! I need some air!" she yelled
"I love you" I whisper and laid down.
"stop talking to me!" echoed in my head and replayed like a movie. I closed my eyes and drifted off into a nightmare filled sleep.
Amiras pov
When I ran outside I had tears running down my face.
"WHY THE HELL DID I DO THAT!" I yelled to myself.
"it isn't your fault that your bi polar" Party said and sat next to me.
"I love him and I just tossed him around, Party!" I yelled and squeezed him tight.
"hun, he will understand

so yesterday I went to warped tour!!!! So I know that most of you don't like Blood On The Dance Floor but yesterday I met them!!! So the first picture is of me and Jayy. So I met Jayy we hungout and talked and stuff. So after their show I ran into Jayy and he remembered me! so we took another pic (the second one) then I met Dahvie and we took a pic too (the last one) and he let me wear his kitty ears (his headband had cat ears on them) then I let him wear my Batman hat then we talked and laughed and stuff.
So comment let me know what you think.
-Leda Suicide