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early sunsets over monroeville chapter 2 part 11 (miss bi polar)

I'M BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LEDA SUICIDE IS BACK BABY!!!!! SO yeah.... It has literally been forever!!! I missed you guys! So yeah, heres the next part.....
Azaleas pov
I have been going out with Mikey for 3 months now. Amira has been out alot I truthfully have no idea where she's been going..... Well it's late, Mikey, Party, and I are on a mission for Dr. D. We're out saving a couple young killjoys from BL/ind.
"Azalea, your gonna run in and get the girl, while I create a diversion, Mikey will get the boy" Party said. "you understand?

early sunsets over monroeville ch2 part 11 miss. Bi polar

is delayed I got grounded for personal reasons. My laptop is getting taken away, I don't know when Il be back I love you guys
-Leda Suicide


January: I killed
Febuary: I rode a wolf with
March: I had a crush on
April:I slaped
May:I hugged
June:I licked
July:I sang with
August:I got coffee with
September:I had a crush on
October: I kissed
November:I died laughing with
December:I ran with the bulls with


1~5: Gerard Way
4~11: Andy Sixx
12~14:Brendon Urie
15~18: Brandon Flowers
19~22: Ashley Purdy
23~28:Spencer Smith
29~31:Frank Iero


Red: Becasue we're awesome
Blue: Because we can
Black: Because no one cares
Green: Because we're gona rule the world
Pink: Because we're

early sunsets over monroeville chapter 2 part 10 (the untouchables)

Mikeys pov
I finale convinced Amira it was not her fault about the Alley accident. I am very curious on what happened to Azaleas family...
"hey Mikey?" Azalea said.
"what is it sweet heart?"
"I was thinking tonight we could look at the stars?" she asked.
"of course that sounds fun" I hugged her.
Amiras pov
I have been taking care of Party for the last day. He laid on his bed, when I checked his wound. I started to pull off his blood soaked bandage carefully.
"owch" he gasped.
"sorry.... I gotta check for infection though" I said cutting the bandage carefully avoiding the wound.
"is that

early sunsets over monroeville chapter 2 part 5 & 9 (untitled)

this song is amazing too! Believe in yourselves guys love yuh!
Ghouls pov
Amira has been crying for 10 minutes and I cannot think of anything to make her feel better.
"what is it?"
"I love you.... I know that probly doesn't change but you have been there for me ever since we were kids. I love you, and I miss the old days" she smiled.
"I love you too Ghoul" she hugged me.
Azaleas pov
Mikey and I sat on the cold dirt ground outside and looked at the stars.
"you think Alley's up there?" Mikey asked me.
"I know she is, she is up there waiting for you" I

early sunsets over monroeville chapter 2 part 5 & 8 (happy violentines day)

the title really has no point to what happens in the story..... It's just a really good song XD
Ghouls pov (still)
"did they give you the pills?" I asked concerned.
"yes..... But they forced them in me I couldn't stop them" he spoke with a panting breath, I assume its hard for him to breath.
"are you ok?! Can you breath?" Mikey asked.
"I'm having a hard time breathing.... And I'm getting dizzy" he said.
"lets get him home!" I said.
"drive Azalea!" Mikey told her. She turned the car around and sped out of the lot.
Azaleas pov
they tended to

early sunsets over monroeville chapter 2 part 5 & 7 (find your way)

sorry I haven't updated for awhile DX
Azaleas pov
we were in the car for hours.
"wanna listen to some music?" I asked Amira.
"yeah! Might as well..." she said excitedly.
"haha I love this song!" I said and turned it up really loud it was the song 'find your way' by blood on the dance floor, Amira sang the rap parts and I sang the other parts.
"haha that was awesome!" she hugged me.
"I love you Amira" I smiled.
"you can be my real sister" she said.
"so you think Mikey really loves me?"

my 9/11 story

for those of you who read it, I don't post it, do you think I SHOULD post it? if you wanna read a sneak peak go to my blog and read the one titled: new story!!!!
so thats it:)

I stole this suvey I am so very sorry!

The Survey Of Truth!
You must answer all these questions 100% truthfully!
How many siblings do you have? 1 step brother
How many pets do you have? 8 (no literaly)
Do you like to draw? Yep
Do you like to play video games? definatley.
Do you go to church? NO!
Do you play any sports? once again I shall answer NO!
Do you like to watch sports, or do you find them boring? Boring!
What type of music do you like the best? Screamo/metal.
What are your favorite types of movies? Scary
What kind of signs do you think you give off when you like somebody? blush hug them hang with them.
What kind of signs

new story!!!!

okay guys, I am writting a story.... about a 12 year old girl that lives in new york with her mom and sister. The day they moved to new york was september 1st 2001 she was so mad at her mom for moving them.... AGAIN. So her mom makes her go to work with her one day to see how cool the "twin towers" are this happened on september 11th 2001 at 8:30 am the new york trade center was struck by the plain. She and her mother got traped under a desk, it was her life or her moms. Her mom forced her to jump, luckily she lived, but the mom didn't. This story is about her life and all that happens.