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my favourite song right now

this is Morte Et Dabo by Asking Alexandria it is currently my favourite song xD
Lyrics:Morte et dabo
Morte et dabo

So he came forth and said onto me
Son, you are forsaken
Condemned for the sins that you live
I offer you forgiveness

Bow down before me
Bow down before me

I will never bow to he who claims to be divine
I'll tear down your gates with my bare fucking hands
And burn the world that you rule over
No matter how convinced you are, you're not a god of mine

I never believed in you
From what I see it was justified
I never believed in you

This power over the masses is a gift you don't

early sunsets over monroeville chapter 3 part 2

Amiras Pov
I laid in Azaleas bed crying.
"Amira it'll be ok" Sabrina smiled.
"but Sabrina it wont. I love Ghoul and I trusted Ghoul then e goes and walks out on me" I cried harder.
"shhh I promise Amira everything is gonna work out perfectly" she said and rubbed my back trying to comfort me.
"fine. I will trust you... It's not like there is anyone else to trust"
"Amira! Don't say that! You can trust Mom and dad and Gerard... Ray Dr. D"
"how do you know Party's name?" I asked.
"he told me to call him that..."
"oh... He really likes you" I smiled for the first time.
"ya... But I know how you

early sunsets over monroeville chapter 3 part 1 (our new begining)

the song i a bit random but thats just me for yuh I guess...
Azaleas pov
it's been a year. Alot has changed, Sabrina's 11, Mikey and I are closer than ever, Amira and Ghoul haven't fought once, Ray moved away, and well thats is about it.
Amira ran up to me with a shameful look on her face.
"whats wrong?!" I practically yelled.
"shu-" she cut herself off. "just I need to talk to you in private..." she whispered flinching at the sight of Ghoul on the couch... I became more worried. I followed quickly behind her.
"what did he do?!" I yelled as we got

Boyfriends sex and drama

K so first of all I got a boyfriend! But my best friend is worried about me because my new boyfriend is 3 years older than me.... Second of all my boyfriend asked me to have sex with him... Of course I said "no" but what do I do? Eventually won't he dump me if I font have sex with him? And he really is a nice guy! He's a sweet heart I love him alot... And third I haven't told my parents yet..... How do I tell them? I have no idea! So will you PLEASE comment and give me dome helpful advice you don't even need to answer all of the questions I just need help!
The one and only Luci

Early sunsets over monroeville chapter something

Azaleas pov
Sabrina smiled as we decided she would be our child.
"does this mean I can call you Mommy?" she started crying as she asked.
"of course!" I hugged her and started crying too
"Mikey come hug us" I pouted he bent down and hugged us.
"I love you guys" Sabrina said.
amiras pov
I sat on my bed as I framed the picture of Ghoul and I it was stained by my tears.
"were are you gonna put it?" ghoul has been standing in the door way.
"uh.. where do you think?" I. Asked
"anywhere your heart desires" he smiled.
"ok ok ok I gave you another chance!

I need help!!!

You guys! I need help last night I cut myself and I tried to talk to my parents but they didn't listen I also talked to the school counser but she didn't care I need to talk to someone! Please I can't talk to someone I physically know because I don't want them to worry! Someone please help

Early sunsets over monroeville (I don't know what chapter) wedding

Azaleas pov
It's the day of the wedding and I'm already ten minutes late. I can hear Amira calling for me but I don't answer I can't stop looking at my dress in mirror. I mean I love it but it surprises me that I am actually getting married. Amura dis my hair and makeup, I truly am beautiful today but I can't help but cry I love Mikey so mu-
"oh there you are!" Amira said breaking me from my thought.
"Ghoul still loves you!" I mindlessly blurted out..."I mean I assume"
"can I tell you something?" she asked.
"of course baby girl" I said
"it's been 3 months and I think I like him too" she

Happy thanksgiving (some what)

If u read my blog earlier you'd know I'm having a terrible day theis is how it started:
It's 6am I wake up crying from a terrible nightmare were my boyfriend was stabbed to death.
"amira shut up" my step dad yelled. I got down (I was recently diagnosed with anorexia) I didn't bother with breakfast.
"happy thanksgiving to me" I mumbled. I walked to the bathroom, washed my hair, and did my makeup. I walked into the kitchen and was imediatly ordered to start cooking. I cooked 4 pies and by now it was 2pm.

I feel like crying

I feel like crying
Save me from this hell hole called life.
I need to escape. I truthfully wanna die. There is no point in this waste of sPace called Amira.
Someone kill me. God take my life please.
-love Amira
(I am being completely serious)


Kay so all of you need to go to YouTube and type in "Amazing Dan Toxic Cover" click the to one it is secksay!!!!! Lol he is already hot then the sing...... Remarkable lol and I am aware it's not him..... Leave comments here.