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cirquedufreakfreak13's blog

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cutting and many life problems

hey do any of u guys cut urself for like personal reasons i know u guys will get mad but i used to cut myself cuz i didnt like my step dad and i said some really rude things to him and he found out i cut and almost sent me to a psych hospital i cried and i said the worst of things to him and he said really bad things too then he proposed to my mom that makes it worse cuz hel have part custody hes gonna ruin my life.


hey i just wanted to say if u dont have one or havent herd of it go to this website and get a user.
and its cool u can do fanfics and just write stories with ur friends and have live chat its cool and yeah my user on that is Atomic-Candy (aka my killjoy name lol) message me if ud like on that or on this.
so thats all i wanted to say....... hows ur summers going? how r u? im good my summer is ok im stoked for the new black veil brides album!! if u love MCR AND BLACK VEIL BRIDES COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
have a good day guys message me have fun etc.
LOVE U ALL!!!!!!!!!

i love u killjoys!!!

i just want u all to know i love u all no matter what uv done or anything id never hate u if u ever need help message me if ur having a horrible day u can talk to another killjoy if ur thinking about suicide dont do it cuz i know atleast one killjoy would cry and thats me so message me in ur tough times


someone pleeeeaaase message me!!! im soooooooo bored :P

all my randomness in my life

a couple days ago i was at the mall and i saw a drac and he was shop lifting im not kidding i dont know if im going crazy but i literaly saw a drac shop lifting it was scarey i closed my eyes and opend them over and over again and he was real then i pointed my fingers like a gun and prayed to god that my fingers would turn into a ray gun lol.
well how have you guys been? iv been ok my dad got convinced that i smoke pot and i dont!!!!! and it scared the shit out of me i swear my heart skipped a couple beats i almost cried but its all better now YAY


can u make a new account? or like change your username cuz i really dont like my account name anymore and i forgot my password my computer remembers it and i dont want to have to do it allllll over again :p plzzzzz help!!! i need to knopw soon

:D happiness

a couple weeks ago i bloged that i feel unloved but i take that back ppl love me and i know it i have gone threw alot lately and today my friend Kyote txt me randomly and said "i love u" and that made me feel loved again i only have a few friends but they always know how to make me feel better.
I LOVE U ALL KILLJOYS if u ever need help or a friend or just wanna talk go ahead and message me


god i am so bummed :( i feel like no1 loves me..... i sound pretty emotional rite now :/ does anyone have anything to say to me rite now? like have you ever felt this way?