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cirquedufreakfreak13's blog

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hey guys are any of you good singers? Cause im starting a band we dont have a name or a singer. Do u guys have any good band names and I might end up getting screwed and have to be the singer. My problem is i'm not the best singer so I was wondering if any of you guys have any singing tips? Everything will be tried and accounted for. So I also have my stage name its Leda Monroe do you guys like it? And also if your a good singer can I message you and you give me some tips? I love you guys so much!
-Leda Suicide X_X

early sunsets over monroeville (part5)

hey guys please read the whole thing and comment I NEED to know what you guys think.
Amiras pov.
me and Party were the only ones who were awake.
"how did you sleep" I asked.
"I didn't I'm here to protect you. Someone must be awake at all times" He said.
"oh I'm sorry.... Were is everyone?" I asked.
"they set up a camp right through those trees." he said and pointed to some trees.
"what time is it?"
"I'd say around 6am" he said.
"do you think we should wake anyone up?"
"nah let them sleep" he said.
"thank you for staying up for

early sunsets over monroeville (part4)

Amiras pov
I fell asleep wrapped in Partys blanket it wasn't super warm but it was good for now.
-Amiras dream-
I sat up and looked around. there was no sign of Party, Ghoul, or Kobra.
"guys? Were did you go?" I yelled but herd no answer. I looked on the ground and I saw the scarf Ghoul used but it was completely covered in blood.
"Ghoul?! were did you go?! why did you leave me?!" I screamed. I ran through the trees but they just kept going. I stopped when i saw Kobras helmate.
"Kobra! Were the hell are you?!" I felt someone grab my shoulder. I turned and saw no one.
"whose there?!" I yelled.


hey guys i have been at my dads house for over a week im ready to see my moma and step dad and grandma i missed them so much! my mom is on her way to pick me up im so excited! And I just dyed my hair like an hour ago its pitch black it was actualy supposed to be brown but they screwed up but i like it XD. So when I get home to my moms house il post another blog well im gonna post 'early sunsets over monroeville part 4' in the next blog that should be posted soon.


okay guys so for like the 20th time my name is now Leda (Lee.Duh or La.duh the E says A) And i didn't know this but apparently there is A youtuber named Leda I had no idea of this so if you think im copying her don't hate and whats weird is me and her look ALOT alike its freaky! So on another side my father is letting me dye my hair today it is blonde tomorrow it is Black hehe and it goes down to my waist (ima faker i have extensions but whatever) and I am super happy but if you dont know who Leda is (not me) you should check her out shes fucking awesome!


kay guys before you read this id like you to know im only 13 please dont think of me as a whore for my answers (all of the answers are 100% true)
1. Made out for more than 3 minutes?
yus :3 at an mcr concert

2. Slept in a different bed?
Yeah :3

3. Made out in a movie theatre?

4. made out with 2 different people in one night?
yus :3 at a BVB concert

5. Thought your cousin was hot?
Yes but I'm not sexually attracted to them

6. Been in love?

7. Slept?
No. I never sleep because I'm a vampire.

8. Taken a shower with the opposite sex?
Yuppers (dont judge

early sunsets over monroeville (part3)

Ghouls pov
Amira helped me walk until we found a place to rest. The blood stain on her scarf was getting bigger.
"There is still blood flow" She said when we sat down.
"how can we stop it?"
"well we have little choice. we could cut off circulation in your leg? Well as you should know I'm not the best at first aid" she said with a slight giggle.
"i think we need to put pressure on it. and wash it" I suggested.
"I have a bottle of water and an extra shirt we can use as bandage." she said.
"okay well i don't want to have to use the shirt we can use the scarf again." i said and she handed me the

killjoy name

ok so i changed my killjoy name my old one, Toxic Candy, my friend came up with but i changed it to Leda Suicide i personally think it fits me because my nickname is Leda and if u read my blog ul get the suicide part. But yah how do u guys like it? i think it fits

update (I guess. Fuckin hate these titles)

hey guys the name of my fanfic (yes i finale found a name) its Early Sunsets Over Monroeville ya its kind of a weird name but i like it. And if you read my blog from yesterday I dont go by Amira anymore I go by Leda. Uh I got hair extensions :D its cool im blonde on top and the next foot of hair is black. I look really cool. oh ya and if you dont know who the band VersaEmerge is you should check them out this is my fave song by them:
I really like them.


Hey guys its me Amira, well i got a new nickname today its Leda (La.duh) the E makes says A name btw. so you guys can call me Leda now. Lol i love that name. So tomorrow I'm getting hair extensions put in. I'm a blonde and my dad wont let me dye it so I'm getting black extensions put in I'm gonna look nice I'll try and post a picture. So I'm also going to Hot Topic so hopefully i get some new clothes. Wish me luck!