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scene names... HELP!

hey!! Lol sO heres some first names I like:
now pick on of those names..... now choose one of these words:
any word along these lines
Now take the first name and the second word and comment what you got and whatever one I like most will be my scene name

fuck yessss!!!!1!11
stolen yo!

1. Do you sleep in your bra? yes!
2. Do you like noodles? well i don't really know what that have to do with being a gril but yes, yes i do :3
3. Do you enjoy drama? sometimes :3
4. Are you a girly girl? I wear makeup but nothing more
5. Small or large purses? small, i don't like big ones
7. Are you short? kinda
8. Do you like somebody? yeah, yes I dooo!
9. Do you care if your socks are dirty? nope
10. Do you like Halloween? yes yes yes yes yes x 1000000 and its Franks birfday :D
11. Favourite time if the year? late summer/ early fall
12.Where is the weirdest place you have


ok killjoys in light of the recent nme awared nomeni for best fan community, i feel we should as loyal fans thank (wether we win or lose they awared) mcr for giving us 10 years of graet music. Interested. If so go to youtube and watch famous last words. We are going to try to get the most views for this vid as a thank you to MCR , mutch like what we tried with na na na over christmas. Lets show Gerard, Mickey, Frank and Ray and the world for that matter how mutch we love them. LET'S MAKE SOME NOISE AND SING IT FOR MCR.

copy and paste this massage everywhere you can killjoys sprade the word.

I need help...

someone PLEASE message me I need help...! I am desperate for help...

so This isn't me but my sister...

I know she isnt really our kinda music but shes REALLY good guys check her out...

another cover

this is Bewitched by BOTDF comment!

another cover ^^ this is I kissed a girl

comment ^^

cover of Fallen Angel

tell me what you think

trying notto love you a song by me

this is a song I wrote last night when I was pretty depressed...
I'm trying not to love you
I'm trying not to care for you
I'm trying not live my life, wishing you were here
I'm trying not to wonder, who you left me for
I'm trying not to help myself
I'm sorry I fell in love with you

I'm wishing I could loove you
I'm wishing I could be by you
I' hoping you could care again
I just tried to help you

I'm trying not to think of you..
I harmed myself for you
I was just thinking of you..

every tear I cry was for you
whatever I Say isnt good for you....
Thats all I have right now....