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My friend is making me dress up as Jeff The Killer this year for Halloween. I'm going with her most likely to take her nephews trick or treating. She's gonna be a fallen angel. Just thought I'd let everyone know.

The Red Angel Ballad

Hey guys! I'm working on this ballad for music class, and I did it based off of the civil war. It had to be like historical or something like that, so here you go! Tell me what you think.

The Red Angel Ballad by Lauren

Ta-dum Ta-dum goes the drum
A little tune some will hum
Lining up like one two three
The other side I can see

Ta-dum Ta-dum continueing
"FIRE!" and the bullets are birds
The shooting bangs all around
Then I see a few men fall

Once I stand, and then I fall
I can not see my red blood
I lift up my head, red scene
And I see an angel looking at me.

So yeah, I'm gonna have a video

I drew L

Yeah, I know this has nothing to do with My Chemical Romance, but I'm so happy with the result of my L drawing. L is a character in an anime series called "Death Note" about this book called the DeathNote and random stuff. L is my favorite anime character, and this is the second time I drew L. The other one you can barely tell it was L until you read the capton "L from Deathnote" at the top of the paper on the first one.

Neko Gerard

I got bored and drew Gerard Way as a neko.