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Possessed and Psychic: Chapter 1

Possessed and Psychic


He pulled up to the house. It was a standing next to the cemetery, old and abandoned. “Well, what do you think?”

I was about to ask Chase if he was joking, but the look on his face told me this was what he was going to live in for the next few years of his life. “I don’t know.”

We got out. The energy field was high. Chase loves to work on houses. But I told him not this one. I’m what you called Psychic. Mostly I’m a ghost detector, but I can also know what people want when I want to find out. That’s how I found what Chase does.

The Two Outcasts Ballad

Hey guys! Yeah, I'm writing a new ballad. Anyhow, I hope you guys like this one. If the last one didn't go out so well, I made this one instead. Thanks!

The Two Outcasts by Lauren

There was two outcasts
Each with a different tale
Even though they were well known
For them it was h*ll

One was a tall thin man
Dressed in dark suit and tie
And anyone he went after
Most certainly would die

The second was a boy
And to him death was common
For any one to see him
Would be put in a coffin

Now who were these two?
Both pale and alone?
Their past would haunt them
With flashbacks, attacks, and moans


Book I wrote and editing :D yay

Hey guys! As some of you may know, I'm writing a ballad for my music class called 'The Red Angel Ballad'. Anyhow, I'm finishing up a book I was writing last year called 'Possessed and Psychic'. And I'm just going to post a chapter a week from the book. I hope you guys will enjoy it!
About: Tori and her friend Chase move into a house in order to rebuild it. The previous owner killed his family and himself there, and no one has been in the house since then.


okay, so I was working on a cover earlier, and I had Helena playing really loud. I had my iPod out of my iHome, and I forgot the music was turned up so loud. So I needed to charge it, and I plugged my iPod in, and Helena started playing really loud out of no where and I almost screamed. It was funny.

The Red Angel Ballad: Photo

Here is the photo for 'The Red Angel Ballad".

The Red Angel Ballad: Edited

Hey guys! I edited the ballad I made, apparently it didn't meet everything it needed for the rubric, so I changed it. Enjoy!

The Red Angel Ballad: by Lauren

Ta-dum Ta-dum goes the drum
A little tune some will hum
Lining up like one two three
The other side I can see

Ta-dum Ta-dum continues
“FIRE” and the bullets shells fall
The shooting bangs all around
Then I see a few men fall

Once I stand, and then I fall
I can not see my red blood
I lift up my head, red scene
There’s an angel red from flood

Oh, and by the way, for those of you who haven't seen the original post for my song, it's for a


Hey everyone! Today's my mom's birthday and I'm sooooooo excited! Even though she's talking about going to see Paranormal Activity 4 without me >FT<
Anyhow, since it's her birthday, I decided to paint her a picture. It's called "The Black Winged Angel". I tend to make up random angels when I get bored. I have hundreds in my mini sketch book. Hope you guys like the painting, and a shout out to my awesome mom!

Wolf of the Hunt

Hey guys! This is a painting I made called "Wolf of the Hunt". Hope you like it!

"Be yourself" "But your gonna make fun of me"

Ugh, my friends annoy the life out of me sometimes. They are all like "Oh, just be yourself". And so then I be myself. And right after that they start making fun of me.
The only reason why, is because I like My Chemical Romance, Green Day, Three Days Grace, Linkin Park, ect.
Earlier today, they started going after me saying I'm like obsessed with MCR, and I am, but they make it sound like I'm too obsessed. So I tell my friend who's telling me that, that she's obssessed with One Direction, and she denies it. Even though she knows every single tiny detail about them.


FINALLY! I'm sick of only hearing about those stupid idiotic gay guys, the divas that thinks they can make music, the freaking autotuners, the worst time zone ever for music in humanity.
Well I was on, and I saw that Bohemain Rhapsody by Queen was the 5th most searched up lyrics on the site. It's ratings are higher than the #1 searched song lyrics on the sight. Thank GOD people are finally getting into real music again.
I guess I can say that my faith in humanity is being restored.