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When both our cars collide............

I almost go hit by a car this morning. I was walking down the street to my bus stop, and a strange car was parked on my street. The driver was getting out of parallel parking, and you could tell she wasn't used to the steep hill. She drove right up to me, and I stepped back and out of the way. She kinda freaked out a little bit, and I told her it was alright.
But if I didn't step back, I probably would've gotten hit.

World War 2: D-day

So, in History we are learning about WWII, and we were put in groyps to be reasearching different events. My group was assigned D-Day, and I was like"i know this"
So, while we were watching the video thatvwe had to watch, I out of no where bursted out saying "so this is what was going on in that music video,and my group just looks at me.
And ofcourse, since we have to make a presentation on it, and I'm the one making it, I get to use MCR for reference.
Thank you MCR for the music video. I'd be lost without it.

Short little "poetry" of mine

Just don't slow down
It's okay to frown
And when you cry
I'll sing you a lullaby
Just don't give up my friend
I'll be there for you 'til the end

That bully i stood up to got me again

There was a formal last night. It was for eighth graders only and it was supposed to be a very special time. I went with a few of my friends, and a few of my other friends was also tgere. And the people who love to bully me.
So, it was getting really hot in the cafeteria where most of the dancing took place,and the movie room where they played a movie and had food. So my friends and i went to the hall way where it was nice and cool. We hung out there for a few minutes, and they wanted to go back inside. I told them I would join them in a minute, since I was still overheating.
They left, and

This is you

So, it's teacher appretiation week next week, and we had to write a small letter or something like that for one of our teachers. So, I drew a random mad scientist and wrote "this is you --->" on it and "you're welcome" in cursive and gave put it in my science teachers folder. It doesnt look anywhere near of what my teacher looks like, and didn't sign it. He would see it and go "what the..... who did this...." and be all confused and what not. :3

Braces and projects and stress over dresses

Heres a random photo to keep yiu entertained....
So, I got braces yesterday. Yaaaaaaaaaa- no its not fun and it feels like my teeth are swollen.
But, the bad news is....... EIGTH GRADE FORMAL. Dun dun duunn..... so a lot of people are going crqzy about it, ans im just sitting here like "my friends are making me go, its not my choice"
And now for the good news.......
I get to torture my entire music class with My Chemical Romance!!! Finally, all the 'fangirling' is paying off and giving me a good grade abd project my parents said will never happen.

I love to rape the pause button on music videos

So, my friend and I was watching "I'm Not Okay (I Promise)" music video for the 10,000th time. We had an argument on when the scene was for when Frank kissed Gerard. So, we ended up getting towards that scene, and I kept pausing it and unpausing it, and we laughed so hard at the facial expressions. And we even captioned it.
Pic. 1: Frank- Oh.... hey guys.....

Pic. 2: (we just felt like having a better picture of Franks face :3"

Pic. 3: Frank- Ew.........

I actually stood up to them.

I can't believe it. I stood up to the people who bully my friend and me all the time. Earlier to day, we were walking down the hall. Somehow they unzipped my bookbag (i knew it was zipped up earlier right before we left music class) and started laughing and telling me my bookbag was unzipped. After that was the amazing Gym class, where most of the bullying takes place. #1 (we numbered them) kept yelling at me during gym saying every single time we lost to a surf, it was my fault. So, I finally had enough of her crap, and talked back to her.

She's pissed off now. I felt better after that.

Getting into new music

So, I've been getting into new music lately. I've found a band that I am starting to like called Type O Negative.

No mom, I'm not goth..... yet

Okay, so the other day I was fooling around on Grooveshark. And those of you who use groovesharka lot know about the annoying thing that goes like this......
We suggest 'Punk Rock' because you listened to My Chemical Romance, Green Day, and otherbands
Well, I spent an entire day listening to Evanescence. The next day, I go onto grooveshark, and the thing says "We suggest 'Gothic' because you listened to Evanescence".
I already like the style and stuff, and then this!