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My way of dealing

okay so its taken me a while to get over the sudden split but somewhere in between my sadness i asked myself if MCR would want us to be so sad... they really do apreciate their fans and love us as much as we love them, i dont think they would want us to be sad at all. I think they would want us to remain our happy crazy old selves, just because the band ended doesnt mean we're gonna ever forget about them... they saved us.
chuckles loves you.......!!**
Keep it ugly...



My own little world........

In my world im a member of MCR....... guess theres no harm in dreaming big.......!!**

Doooo it........!!**

Hi everybody!! i know it's been long since i posted anything but things are really hectic now that i finished school, anyway all my friends are seriously boring me with their music taste here in South- Africa... need some killjoys on my FB so if u wana send me a request... Charl-Leigh Lehmkuhl.....!!**


Today is one of those days again, im feeling completely depressed so I thaught maybe I would feel a little better coming on this page... its funny how I always feel better listening to MCR just put my earphones in and started listening its like they understand what Im feeling it makes me feel wanted again.......!!**

the new one

hi im cinda new to the page and dont really know what to say, ive also never really subscribed to anything but twitter and facebook but ey guess theres a first for everything. by the way *absolutely love MCR*