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My Chemical Romance - S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W Bass Cover

Enjoy :)

My Chemical Romance - Ambulance/Gun. Bass Cover

Did a dual bass cover of the singles off of Number Two. Tabs are in the video description, enjoy :)

My Chemical Romance - Boy Division/Tomorrow's Money Bass Cover

Did a dual cover off the singles of Number One. Tabs are in the video description, enjoy! :)

Deadmau5 feat. Gerard Way - Professional Griefers Bass Cover

Heard this song and I knew I had to make a cover of it :D I also have twenty other My Chemical Romance bass covers posted on my youtube channel and I will definitely be covering some songs off of Conventional Weapons when the singles come out! Enjoy :D

Thank You For The Venom Bass Cover

My 20th My Chemical Romance bass cover! Enjoy :)

Our Lady Sorrows Bass Cover

One of my favorite songs off their first album. Tabs are in the video description if you need them!

I'm Not Okay Bass Cover

First song I ever heard by My Chemical Romance :D Pretty easy song overall, if you guys want tabs I put them in the video description on youtube. I'm going to try and do a cover of Professional Griefers and Thank You For The Venom soon :D

My Chemical Romance - Summertime Bass Cover

Who's ready for Summertime??


Finally got my new camera to work with iMovie :P it looks soooo much better than before. I would be so grateful if you would check out my cover :D :D :D Thanks! MCR Rocks!!!!

1 Year of Bass Covers

So it's been a whole year since I started making bass covers. Since I started out with a My Chemical Romance cover I felt it was proper to end the year with one :p. I've learned so much from recording these bass covers. I've learned 62 different songs this year and it has drastically improved my playing. I have also learned how to get a much better tone from my bass and my crappy amp. You feel so great when people tell you about how much they enjoy your covers :D If anyone is thinking of making their own bass covers I'd highly recommend it.