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Warped Tour '16

Warped was AWESOME! I saw ghost town, Sleeping with Sirens, Falling in Reverse, a little of Mayday Parade, New Found Glory, Sum 41, Whitechapel and Yellowcard.
I went to charity tents and merch tents. Got a ton of stickers and buttons. Bought a "I'm a fucking feminist" shirt, A Plug Your Holes shirt and a shirt from a charity that donates to eating disorder programs and treatment. Also got 4 FREE sampler CDs!
there's no moshing/crowd surfing signs all over the place but SO much moshing and surfing. which is great for me cause I live for that stuff. Whitechapel was brutal!

We Don't Need Another Song About California

Hey guys

I'm in Cali right now! took a 6 hour flight from the east coast from the west coast. Got to see all of America from really high up and it looked SO cool! The flight was kinda bumpy and that made me anxious but otherwise it was fine. Slept a lot.

When we arrived at my aunt and uncle's house, we hung out for a little while, then went to Piercing Pagoda to get my ears pierced (again)! I got my third hole on my left ear and my fourth on the right (I despise symmetry). It didn't even hurt at all, despite the fourth hole being half on my lobe, half on the cartilage.

Driving Test Tomorrow

Hey guys,
So tomorrow I have my driving test. I'm so nervous. Been waking up super early because I'm so worried I'll fail and can't sleep because of it. I know I can do it, I'm good at parallel parking, have to do a three point turn to get out of my driveway so I know how to do that. I follow the speed limit and signs and road rules. But what if I screw up and make a dumb little mistake? Like what if I don't signal when turning out from a curb or going into parallel park? What if I don't look over my shoulder enough? What if I don't look in my mirrors enough?



I broke up with him WARNING DUB-CON

after a year, i started getting nervous about hanging out with him. I loved him, I did, but now I know I deserve more than what I'm getting right now. This is what I'm sending him, warning for dub-con:

so this isn't easy but I've been considering breaking up with you. The thing is, you've been very rough with me recently. I don't think you meant to, but you have.


Hey guys
Just saying hello since I havent been online in a while
how are you?

my fanfic reclist

hello all,
i have been working for a long time on my fanfic reclist. this is it so far: mama Z's master list if it didn't go through the filter it will be in the comments. It's at 90 fics and not nearly half way done! so if any of you are interested, please check it out and show your friends or whatever cause i'm very proud of it. it's organized with tags so you can find what you're looking for
have a good day/night :)
ps it triggered the spam, check the comments please :) :)

sorry ive been gone!

hey guys
sorry i havent posted in like a month!!! I've misssed you all so much <3
my friend salsa is sleeping next to me, we had a sleepover. I usally get up around 8 and she gets up around 12 so there's quite a gap.
Blood, if youre online ever, i know it's rough right now. i love you very much and will be sending hope your way.
hanging out with ace today
went to the beach yesterday. was a ton of fun!
thats about it. everything's kinda boring right now. im getting hunger ques again (that means feeling hungry) and I hate it cause it makes me feel like im losing.

Had A Bad

Hey guys,
so today started off good. put on a favorite outfit (big boots with chains on them, black ripped tights, little denium skirt I decorated with "rad man" in spray paint, The Used patch and a chicken bone hanging from a string, a MCR tee shirt, purple sweatshirt and spiked dog collar) and my makeup was pretty dark and on point. It was my first day back at school and I was excited to see my friends.
I got to school and everyone said hello to me, which was nice. First block went ok, we just watched a movie. But then I had to eat my morning snack.

School, BF, TCFSR, Prom

Today I was discharged from my partial program! Woo! Tomorrow I start school again, after being absent for 2 months. I'm excited to see my friends and I really need to get back to school work. The term ends on Friday and term 5 starts on Monday so at least I get a fresh start.
Ace is having a hard time. He has a lot of internal struggles but also a lot of external shit happens to him that he doesn't deserve. I wish life was easier on him.
Did you guys know tomorrow (June 8th) is the 13th anniversary of three cheers for sweet revenge's release date??? TCFSR is officially a teenager as of