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I can feel it, I'm sinking, I'm falling, I'm going there again...
- Z


I can feel it, I'm sinking, I'm falling, I'm going there again...
- Z

Poem I Wrote...

Listening to your voice
Brings back the taste of your lips
As I hear you apologize
I remember our last kiss
Still dreaming, still hoping
Since nine months ago
I really wish you could know
That I can't love another
For that reminds me of you
Come back to me, come back
You're all I have to lose.
I wrote that about J...

I don't even know any more...

I dont know guys, I don't. I'm confused and sad and I just doodled a ton of unmentionables on my physics work. I don't want to be at school, I want to be at home cause i'm not okay.But I haven't had English or physics since before the hospital, so I should probably go to class. I just feel so dead and numb and blah :(
- Z

Bored at school

10 mins till lunch!
And hello to some of my closest friends on this site: thepationtone, toeveryenemy, brokenup, and xxstraightjacketxx I love you guys!
Sorry if that excluded a bunch of other people on here. Inbox me, we can become friends and I'm always open to talk to new people. Tell me all your problems I was killing before killing was cool, you're so cool, you're so cool, so cool!
- Z

Where I WAs

Hey guys,
I don’t if you guys noticed, but I’ve been away for nine days. Why? I had to go to the hospital. I think that all of you guys deserve to know where I was, because I trust all of you.
It started on November 10th, when I relapsed with the unspeakable. I’d say what I did, but then this will be taken down. Yeah, I did that. Then I did it again around 9:00 pm on November 11th. I did it a lot, and I was scared. So I texted ToEveryEnemy from this site, we’re very good friends, and she told me that I had to tell someone and get help.

Need A Girlfriend

Hey all,
So I've been thinking a lot. About J. I think that if I am to move on from him, I'll need to start seeing/thinking about other people. I gave J my heart, then ran away with it. Maybe if I fall for someone else, I'll be able to get it back. The only problem: I don't wanna look for love. I'm not sure if I even want to fall in love. Is it worth the risk? Will I ever be able to forget J? He was something special.
There are other good, fun, cool kids out there though, right?


Hey guys, The Patient One on here keeps getting the "Unpublished" message while trying to post a blog, does anyone know why or how to fix it?
- Z

Why i want to make music

Hey guys,
Today I was in my music theory class and we had a very long discussion about how sports get so much recognition in school, but the arts and music do not. We went really in depths about how some bands are still playing after 20-40 years and athletes only play sports for about three years. I'm not saying that sports aren't important, I'm just saying that music and artists should get the same amount of credit at least as athletes. A ton of people love sports.

I Am A Monster

I lay on the operating table, my chest cut open. My monsters, my demons, my light, my dark, all visible. My soul open and bleeding out. I could see everything. Every part of me, every element of myself. All there. The good and the bad.
Now, standing in front of the mirror, my reflection stares back. Glaring. Not sure of what it is, I ask.
“What are you? Are you me? Or perhaps what I wish to become?”
“I am every part of you that is true.” the monster replied “I am a man and a woman. I am young and old. I am questions and I am answers. Fear and courage, love and spite.