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Happy birthday Gerard!
Lots of love from the MCRmy, good luck with everything!

Goodbyes are hard

Hey guys,
So I go To WAGLY (Western Suburban Alliance of Gay and Lesbian youth) and have for about 3 years. WAGLY is my home.
For a while now, we've had an intern, Hayden. He's a senior in college and he also likes MCR and is not cis, like me. It's really nice to have someone I can relate to.
Last night I found out that he's leaving at the end of the month. It was really hard for me to hear. So, I talked to Marie (the adult advisor). More of cried to her, I hate crying in front of people and I hadn't cried in forever but I couldn't help it.


I would like to thank straightjacket for saving me, I was very very sad and in a matter of MINETS she cheered me up. I can't thank her enough, so everyone try to disregard that last dying post for now, and send straightjacket nice messages because she's my hero <3<3<3
- Z


I feel deflated. I'm dying. There's so much that I want to say, but I don't wanna make anyone hurt like this. Fuck. I'm such a melodramatic basket case. I don't want to be here in school, I can't be in school, not now. it's 1:13 still have an hour and 5 mins fuck I don't wanna be here, I don't wanna be me fuck it fuck it fuck it.


Hey guys, my snapchat is chamaemae
hit me up, i love snppin people! Ask Broken Up and Killjoys Never Die, I send good snaps

hagrid and his dog
Squirrel Day

I was bored.

3 weeks...

3 weeks, that's how long i was clean for.
but then 3 nights ago i relapsed. did it again last night too.
such a fucking loser, i can't even go a month i used so many coping skills i learned from my program but in the end i gave in.
today i have an interview for 6-months of group therapy. i don't think they will let me in, because i haven't stopped the habit. I feel like I've turned into my bipolar, my anxiety, my failures. I don't deserve any help...


SO I was sad. I've been sad for a couple days after my streak of happiness.
I think I found what makes me happy:
yes, omg squirrel . com. its a website devoted to squirrel pictures. at first it wans't helping, but then i hit reload and saw the sledding squirrel and the squirrel being blown in the wind. God, I fucking love squirrels.

Essay on why you should listen to MCR

Z Peverill-Conti

“It’s not a band - it’s an idea.”
My Chemical Romance (MCR) started in 2001, after singer Gerard Way witnessed the 9/11 attacks first hand. He joined Ray Toro (guitar), Frank Iero (guitar), Mikey Way (bass) and Matt Pelissier (drums, later replaced by Bob Bryar) together into a band with the goal of helping people. They released 4 albums over the 12 years that they were together. Unfortunately, on March 22, 2013, the band split up due to unknown causes. Despite the band’s break up, people still listen to MCR’s music for many reasons that should be considered.