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LATE thanks for bringing the site back video

I forgot to post this a while back but here's my video thanking the admin for bringing back the site. And I feel like I look sorta cute in it :)

Have A LynZ :D

so happy it's veterans' day tomorrow so I don't have school.
I think my iPod classic is corrupt. That's what iTunes is saying when I try to sink it. :(
Gonna go to bed soon. Just wanted to say Hi and spout something unless on the internet.
I'll cancel out the unless-ness with a picture of Lynz Way. Because Lynz makes everything better :)
I strive to be Lynz.
Hope you're all ok


Sometimes I can't fucking stand being gay
I've been inching towards breaking up with Ace.And now I'm crying because I AWAYS go back to girls and I wish I just liked guys. It would be so much easier to just like guys. Not like girls then like one guy and mid way through the relationship, miss girls. I can't stop cryingi oit's fucking confusing

English Class

Hey guys, In english class so I can talk a bit!!!
Does anyone like Bikini Kill? I love Riot Gurl! music.
And feminism
I'm openly using they/them/themself pronouns so if you guys can keo that in mind thta would be cool :)
Where's the kidsfrom when the site went down? Blood? Joe? Shannon? Peroxide, Flight Risk? Everyone?
love all of you

Driving Permit

Now I get to go to behind the wheel driving class. Like Ms Puff's Driving School!


I'm knitting a lot. I love knitting. I'm making these lengths that I've been sewing around a banister at school and it's really coool!
I'm so glad that the site's back, making me feel like my life is going back to normal <3
keep running, killjoys


Hey guys :)
The spammers really blow. Thanks for the website back, now you guys just gotta get rid of the spammers!
Happy late birthday Frankie!
Hope everyone's ok. Blood, I saw you were having a hard time. Hope you're feeling better and know how much I love you <3

Comments Not Displayed

Quick note, It looks like there's still some glitches with the site. If you post a comment on a blog it DOES NOT give a notification, so you gotta click the blog to read it. Just so everyone's aware


Glad to see the spam has cleared up enough to see the blogs, and to see so many of my friends on here :) Hope lots of new people join. I'm so glad I've got this part of my life back. I've missed daily blogs and site-checks, it's been part of my routine for about 2 and a half years, so happy I get it back <3
I'm gonna give a lil update, mainly just because it feels so great to be typing in this box again. I know I've been talking to most of you other users this whole time, and you guys know what's up for me but right now I honestly don't care
My mood's been good.

To livestream, thoha1, MelvinRyan007, holder, naymarjrstrong, marcoreus, ect

I know drawing attention to these users could be seen as encouraging them. As giving them attention. But I really need to tell you guys PLEASE PLEASE STOP! This is my home. My home that's been gone for 6 months. Call me pathetic for having feelings for this site, I don't care. You guys are really fucking up this place and it's not okay. So please just go somewhere else. I think we've all gotten your message. 1,000+ pages of it. We get it. Now leave us alone.
Thank you