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Need To Get Some Stuff Out

Ok so this is a more personal post. I just need to let some stuff out.

Ace and I have been dating almost 6 months at this point. And to cut straight to the chase, I love him. I have for a while but hadn't really told him. So we're texting and in the conversation he tells me he loves me. I reply with "love you too" as that's both true and fits the conversation. The thing is, I was really hoping to say it in person. I really want him to understand how I feel and the best way to really communicate that is through words. The problem here is I don't see him much anymore.


I have a list of fanfics I'm gonna read. They're taken off of rec lists and stuff. Have 246 fics on the list but steadaly making my way thorugh! Do you guys have any recs for me?

Resume Daily Blog

Trying to start blogging every day, like I did before the site crashed. I like having this as part of my routine.

At lunch now. Been getting into Ryden fics, and I think I'm heading deep into the P!ATD fandom. The fanfic is weird. I just read one called Hot And Spicy about Ryan getting turned on by the smell of pizza and then Brendon is the delivery guy and.... you can figure out where it goes from there :p Also really wanna write for fanfic bingo. Never have before but I wanna learn to write kink so kink bingo sounds like a good way to go ;)

Hope you're all ok. Keep running, killjoys!

much needed vent

So my home life is pretty rough. My bro (19 years old) is going through a lot of depression and doesn't have many friends. He's also developmentally delayed, autistic, bipolar, and some other stuff I think. His disabilities make it hard for him to empathize, but he can think for himself very well. So he always talks about his depression in depth and graphically in front of me, when I hid my depression and scars from him for years and even all the times I was in hospitals and treatment, I still made sure he never saw it.

I Wanna Shave My Head

I really wanna shave my whole head but it's too cold! I've wanted to shave it for about a year now. I do love my mohawk though. But it's definitely going in the summer! I could look like that kid in empire records! I feel like it would feel really punk and free and be like fuck you. How many people do you know who's badass enough to shave their head? Well in summer you're gonna know one! yeah

Things are moving fast

Hello Mcrmy :)
I used to blog every day on here. Wanna start doing that again.
A lot of stuff is happening at once. Which is cool but weirdddd. Im driving on actual streets with other moving cars. I have a job. I've been dating my boyfriend for 6 months, which feels like a benchmark (even though things are feeling a bit off). Juniour year is flying by and soon enough I'm be a senior wtf
It's a little overwhelming but oh well.
I miss talking to here. This site is so important to me. Defiantly gonna work on posing more.
You guys keep posting, I really love reading and commenting on your blogs!

Happy Birthday Danger Days!

November 19, 2010 Danger Days was released!

I'm going to see The Used on their In Love And Death/self titled album tour on May 6 &7 and I'm SOOOO EXCITED its a long way away but its never too early to get PUMPED


Ok so update!
I have my first driving lesson in 2 hours so thats SUPER DUPER AWESOME! Also my job interview at Spencer's went really really well so I'm positive I got the job! For those who don't know Spencer's is, it's kinda like Hot Topic in terms of mood/lighting but less merch and more body jewelry, sex toys, and shot glasses. I'm really excited it's a pretty cool, alternative setting. And it's Ace's 19th today so we're gonna hang out, which is sweeeeet! And the MCR group chat on kik is really going well and that makes me really happy :)
Things are going well :) Hope things are good for

Feeling Ok

Got my chest binder today. It's a tiny bit small but it works! I make a hot guy/androgynous person.

LATE thanks for bringing the site back video

I forgot to post this a while back but here's my video thanking the admin for bringing back the site. And I feel like I look sorta cute in it :)