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happy christmas x

Happy christmas everyone! Hope you all are having fantastic holidays. I love you all, you guys are so great to me and to each other. I'm incredibly thankful to have this band, site, and community in my life <3

getting rough

things are kinda rough. It could be good,I could be fine, If I just stopped doing it. And I could just stop. But It's still so good, I don';t want to stop. So, as a result, things are rough. I don't; really mind though.
Happy almost-xmas

thanks mom!

My mom just sent this to my doctor:

Hi - Will you change ********* to Z in all of her documentation? She is in the process of legally changing her name.
Thanks, Wendy

this makes me really happy, this makes me feel like she's really on board with my name change, since she's reaching out to people for me to make official changes :) I'm so happy I'm finally changing my name and have an acceting family <3


I really wanna be an admin on this site. I wanna give back, this site has helped me with so much and I wanna be a part of not just the community but the actual SITE. You know?
Does anyone know how I could become an admin?

An Assortment of Random Thoughts

Mom's making toffy and it smells soooooo good!
I need to shower.
Not too much activity on here now, but I'm thankful for those of you who continue to use this site.
Kik's been down all day but it's back again!
Love you guys <3 hope everyone is ok. Here is my dog.

Got an email from the site!

I just received an email from the MCR store:

chpeverill-conti -
On behalf of the My Chemical Romance web team at WMG we would like to send you a gift to thank you for your dedication to the MCR community. As we continue to work on getting the community section fully restored, we wanted to thank you for patience and the incredibly heartfelt video you posted.

They're working on the site! I bet they're working on the messenger. I'm really glad they sent this cause now I know that someone WAS listening to us when the site was down and they know that we're still here!

How To Manage Stuff

Everyone's always yelling in my house (its a bit better since my bro temporarily moved out) but it doesn't bother me because 17 years has not only gotten me used to it but given me an armor. All you gotta do is extract yourself from the situation with your mind. Just pretend it's in a movie, leave your body in the situation but just watch it from far away. Smile to yourself and keep your cool. It's not my problem, I don't have to be in it, think of it, listen, or anything. Just play sims and text your friends cause everything's ok.

Site Glitch?

Hey everyone,
I'm not sure if it's cleared up, but I noticed something weird about the site. I tried opening it on mobile and it said that it was down due to technical issues. I opened it in safari and it said it was down under maintenance (like it did when the community page was down for 6 months), and then in Chrome it was fine. Hope the site's ok....

AGLY summit vent

Hey guys
I'm at an LGBTQ leadership summit for AGLYs (Alliance of Gay and Lesbian Youth). There's pretty much no cell signal or wifi so I haven't been able to talk to anyone much.
It's kinda a mess here. The trainings are disorganized. People are throwing out "trigger warning" for everything every 5 mins (which is fine if there's an actual trigger but trigger warnings should be announced only once because constantly yelling there's a trigger will only trigger people more). Kids were yelling over each other. I got anxious and a lot of other kids did too.

Clark Gable

Hey guys! How are you doing?
So happy the site works again :) Never gonna take that for granted.
Recently, and very quickly, have become somewhat obsessed with Clark Gable. He's an actor born in 1901, died 1960. Was in Gone With The Wind and a shit load of other movies.