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no meds and sleepover

I'm at a sleepover with my friends. it's 9 am and I got up at 7 and the other 4 our still asleep. My hands are shaking cause I didn't take my meds last night ops :P
we discovered this movie called 666 Kreepy Kerry a while ago and we've wanted to watch it for some time cause it looked like a funny, shitty horror film. But it turned out to be a 70 min softcore gay porn with shitty acting and no plot. It was literally just buff guys touching themselves. And working out in their underwear. With boners. Didn't expect that! lol
So fucking hyper.

I have a gift of fanfic

THis is my fanfic list. there are currently 605 fanfics on it from different bandoms (fob, green day, mcr, p!atd). It also has podfic links and links to some rec lists I use.

Sales, Feel-good book, sleep anxiety and VALENTINES DAY

Hey guys

I got paid on Friday so naturally it was burning a hole in my pocket, and working at the mall doesn't really help :P so after work yesterday I went to Free People and got a leather jacket that was supposed to be $120 for $50 and a cool shirt that was originally $70 for $20! that made me really happy.

Also, my therapist has me making a book with good things people say about me or reminders that there are people who care about me and honestly half of the book is just comments I've received on here over the years.

Help *cupcake code*

Hey guys I need help. I know I do. But I also don't want to upset/trigger anyone. SO instead of saying the thing I'm really struggling with, I'm going to say eat a cupcake.

I've been eating a cupcake every day for 2 weeks now. I hadn't had a cupcake in months, I was doing so well. At this point, I don't even care when I get my cupcake or how I eat that cupcake. My doctor said I was addicted to eating cupcake, but that was 2 or 3 years ago. Could I still be addicted to eating cupcakes? Eating cupcakes is my favorite thing to do. I know it's bad for me.


LJ is blocked at school
guys what am i gonna do without my LJ!?!?!

Music Appreciation Homework On MCR

Music Appreciation - Favorite band/artist (Feb 15 2016)
Name: Z Peverill-Conti
Artist(s): My Chemical Romance (MCR)
Song Title(s) To Show In Class:
To The End - MCR

What genre are they considered? What qualities make them fit that genre?
Violent pop, emo, rock, pop, rock pop, post hardcore. They had a very dark, angry feel that attributed to their violent pop/emo sound. Later, the band had a more colorful sound/appearance that made them more pop.

How long have they been playing for? Has their sound changed over time?
From 2001 to 2013 (12 years). From 2001- 2003 they were still searching

Before Bed Update

Working on posting more often again, so here I am!
Been expressing myself more femininely recently. Heels and skirts and crop tops and fishnets... I don't really like it. It's not really ME, I feel a little more anxious and awkward sometimes when I look more feminine. But it's still kinda me... IDK. Gender is confusing and this doesn't help.
Work is having a bowling party for employees in a few weeks. Sounds like anxiety to me. I'm the youngest one there (you have to be 18 to work at Spencer's and I'm only 17, not sure how I got in). Everyone else is in their 20's.

Good Story

I have to tell you guys a story that's happy :)
So I work at Spener's Gift. Today I was at work, and I started going downhill, feeling myself get caught up in negative thoughts. Just as it started getting much much worse, to the point where I thought I'd have to leave, Emperor's New Clothes by Panic! at the Disco came on, and suddenly all I could think of was the drunk history of FOB video with Brendon and him talking about Pete's dick pics, and the vine he recorded about how he read the milk fic. I was so happy about thinking about the emo trio that I felt a lot better!

GREAT job, everyone!

I'd just like to let you all know how IMPRESSED and HAPPY I am with how well the site is going and how many blogs are being posted. I've been a user on the site for 3 years and it's been a while since the site's been this busy. And all the comments being posted, it's FANTASTIC! Makes me really feel like everyone cares about everyone else, which is exactly what a community needs.
Just wanted to let you all know how great this is :)

Hey guys

Hey ya'lll
In study. was writing a paper on the history of the Kalimba (thumb piano). But got distracted and here I am haha! I need to re-buzz my hair. I might wanna do something new with it but I'm not sure what. And I love having a buzzed head so maybe I'll wait.
Time for history