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Lemme Tell You About My Crush

Ok so here’s what’s happening
I have the BIGGEST crush on this kid. Their name is going to be listed as E. They’re also 17. We met at WAGLY. They really love MCR, like as much as I do, like they freaked out over my bat belt buckle and drew Mikey on a little slip of paper. Their makeup looks like Frank’s in revenge era, minus the X’s. They’re also really outgoing and smile a lot. They read my fanfic before we even met.


IT'S MY MCR BIRTHDAY1!!!!1 this day in 2013, when I was a wimpy little 8th grader, I made my account here! that was probably the best decission I ever made <3 now It's been 3 years and I still post every day, just like I did during my first and seccond year on this site. I've made so many friends here and have even met one of them irl!! this website is my home and is such a gift to be a part of. thank you all so much for making this website my home, cause without you, there would be literally nothing.
So I'm in new jersey. Car ride was fine.

Fishnets and almost site bday!

tomorrow is going to be my account's 3 year birthday!! kinda crazy. I feel like I've been part of this site my whole life. Anyways, I'll talk about it more tomorrow :)
Almost done packing for NJ. Packed fishnets (to wear under ripped jeans. looks badass), coping skills, some makeup, a mcr tee, a tee (thats a music store in Boston), my leather jacket and headphones. And other stuff but that's all that's interesting :P
Feeling a bit less sick. Still have a nasty cough, and my voice is all gravely. But Other than that I'm almost better!

Still sick

So I'm still sick. Had to stay home from school. Had to call in sick for work. I hate missing work. Hopefully I'll be better by Friday. We're going to New Jersey to visit my grandparents. We have been going to NJ for easter since my big brother was born in 1996. and MCR was there in 2001-2003ish.... we just missed them! but I bet we drove past one of their shows. Also, my grandparents live in Frenchtown NJ, which is 30-45 mins from Trenton! thats where I heard Frank lives! I never try to find his house or anything, but it's pretty cool :)
Mom brought me soup, fruit salad and some smoothies.

march 22/sick day

hey guys
so it's march 22nd. 3 years since the break up.. It's sad and all but I kinda like March 22nd. It brings everyone together. It unites everyone in mourning and supporting each other. It reminds me of how lucky we are to be together, even though our leaders aren't in charge, they handed us the responsibility of keeping the band alive. And what an honor that is.

Also, I'm sick which is NOT what I wanted to be doing today.

Snow day ramble

hey guys! so it's a snow day today. And I'm sick! sucks! Just woke up this morning with a bad cough :/ I also saw my friend yesterday so hopefully he won't get sick.
I have a lot to say for march 22nd but I'll save that for then. All I'm gonna say is keep your head up, cause in a way, it's the best day for MCR. the whole MCRmy comes together to support one another, isn't that special?
Ordered a home piercing kit. I know it's just 6 month till I'm 18, but I've wanted my lip pierced for a looooooooong time.

Coping Cards

I know I just posted a blog but check it out!
BAM! I made a youtube video about this super cool, super effective coping stratagy I used! Hoping some of you who have a hard time could use it to! It's called coping cards and is all explained in the video I made and linked! Enjoy my little lovies :)

sorry I've been gone!

sorry I havn't been online in so long
wow I'm tiered. I was just at the park, swinging to mcr's TCFSR. I got really pumped while listening! Was a lot of fun. Until my hands started burning from the cold :P
TOmorrow I'm gonna be an extra in the movie Snowflake :) Apparently I'm not supposed to say anything about the scene, but I would if I could! You guys should watch it when it comes out, see if you can find me. I'm the one walking by with neon yellow/green and black hair. pretty obvious :p
Seriously though i'm sorry I've been gone.

Anti emo

Hey guys. Had a shitty day. Cryed a ton. But I don't want to talk about that. I wanna talk about stereotypes. I am not your typical emo. I'm an anti-emo emo. Idk about you guys but the words I use to describe myself and my style are pretty much just the musical genres I listen to with a few other thing mixed into my Z soup. I'd say I'm an emo, punk, hardcore trans* queer kid, if I wanted you to really get my teen labels. But I'm not what you expect. I don't fit the steryotyope of emo, punk, trans, whatever.

sunday update

Hey guys
i havent posted in a lil while. stayed with my friends for the weekend. I've been up for three hours but she's still asleep. a lot of my friends are in rough situations now. I want to help, but it's hard cause i'm having such a hard time too. had to call a crisis line again last night. i thought i was sufficating, i was freaking out. i thought i'd never stop wanting bad things and i'd never get bettter and i was panicing so much. mom said i should probably go to the ER but i really didn't want to.... i feel like a bitch and a shitty friend because i'm not in a place to help others.