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Miss This Site, So Let's Pretend It's Still Here

the site and community page have been gone for a while. About 3 months, I think. So I'm gonna hope my home comes back, and maybe post some blogs as if it were the same.
School's out, as of 4 days ago. Summer's kinda boring but I'm going to Montreal and then camp in a few weeks so that should give me something to do.
Started dating a kid, Ace. Really like him :) He likes snuggling so great for me! It's one of those things where I can't belive HE likes ME. But I'll take the good luck ;) hung out at his house yesterday and had a great time :)

I'm trying guys, I'm trying to pretend that things

My story.

It started a month ago. I had my ipod on shuffle. MCR burst through the speakers. I pressed skip. Soon I found my self pressing skip more and more often. I would choose to blast Hannah Montana's greatest hits over welcome to the black parade. That night I found myself staring at the ceiling, my ears filled with the sweet sound of iggy izaleas ratchet rhymes. I turned my head and my eyes met those of Gerard Way. My heart flooded with guilt. Why? Why? Why didn't I love him anymore? His paper smile was soul less, and no longer made my labia quiver as it had many times in the past.


Fuck MCR. I just can't do this anymore.


some of you might have seen my "why I should sleep" blog. others of you might have received really weird texts. I just wanted to say I'm so sorry. I forgot to take my meds and lost control and got crazy... to anyone who saw me like that I'm so so sorry

why i should sleep...

now I couldn't sleep if I wanted too this isn't good all hyper... can't stop looking at images of produce.. apricots, blackberries, lemons,the inside of apples, salmon, carrots... they all feel so stimulating to look at..=
My insides are fluttering. you know how some people can't function without sleep? that's me. but by can;t function it means i get all confued and can't stop or calm down. I'm really sorry killjoysneverdie, for writting you so many messages.

please talk!

hey guys
It's one am. My favorite fanfic hasn't been updated in 4 days, and I will NOT sleep until I get an update.
If anyone is awake, please please talk to me

Long Week.. RIP Sam..

hey guys. I don't even know where to start. How to begin. For those who don't know, I go to a therapeutic school, Beacon High, that specializes in helping kids with emotional issues. Many kids have safety issues. There's only about 65 students total. Everyone's close. We all know each other. It's not like a public school, where there's many many kids who's names you don't even know.
I didn't know her too well. We were casual friends. We had gone to the mall once. She'd excitedly tell me about the raves she went to. She could draw portraits better than the art teacher.

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look I have cool hair!!

Hey guys,
I made a video on how cool my hair is :) It sounds really dumb but I think it shows my progress and who I am now
When I was little it was straight and blond, then frizzy, then curly, then hair dye and bleach brought it back to frizzy (but dye was totally worth the frizz) and now this :)
I used to hate my hair so much. I hated everything about me, but my hair especially cause I couldn't get any of the cool hair cuts I wanted. I couldn't be a "scene" kid like I wanted (please don't judge I was 13). I always stood out. My hair was loud and I just wanted it to shut up.

New Jersey

I'm at my grandparents house in Frenchtown, NJ. I was watching LOTMS during the car ride, and Frank mentioned Trenton NJ, which is a town not far from where I am now that I've visited many times. I googled "frank iero trenton" and it turns out that Frank and his family currently live in Trenton :) I'm not going to go all creepy stalker. Not gonna find his house. But it's pretty cool to think that Frank's house is less than 30 mins away from me :D Now I'm thinking, what if we go out (which we will) and I see Jamia? Or their kids?