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meet my friend salsa

Heya folks. The first thing y'all nned to know is that my name is not really salsa. My name is whatever the fuck I want it to be at the moment. Yesterday I was Sparkle Blood Wolfe. Tuesday I was DragonBlood Princess. Today I am hot fucking Salsa, because I am HOT HOT HOT. Tomorrow I'm feeling Blood Gumbo Jamboree. But I am a flexible woman, who knows, I might end up Plasma Gumbo Jamboree, motherfuckers. Second thing you need to know, I am a real mother fucking vampire. Don't mess with me bitches. I will suck you blood out of your beating heart in my hand motherfucker.

read it!

this is the cutest fic i've ever read i am CRYING cause its so cute its a ryden p!atd fic please read it please please please link is in the comments cause fucking spam filter


BrokenUp, a good friend of mind from this site from years ago, commented on one of my blogs! I started sobbing instantly I cant belive you're back, brokeup! I'm so fucking happy to see you! I'm texting you right now!!!!

a not entirely PG update

hey guys
so just wanted to check in. school starts in 9 days, which sucks but is also good cause i've been really bored and lonely and isolating a lot.
I've been working on fixing a situation I got myself into. I don't think I've mentioned it here cause it's not completely PG. I have a lot of guys online that I give my kik to. A lot of them I send... let's just say... provocative pictures of myself. I have since I was 13 and for a long time it's been a way for me to feel beautiful and like I mattered and like people cared and like I had worth.

Why I Broke Up With Him (a poem)

this is a poem I wrote when I was thinking about my ex and kinda worked up. It's a compilation of some things he's said to me in the last 2 months. We were together for 13 months. Some of this stuff may be offensive. Anything in parenthesis is my comment. He wasn't a bad person, he just wasn't good for me. I just needed to get this out. And I need to valadate my experience so this is how I'm doing that. and Ace, if for some reason you find this, I'm sorry. But this is for ME.
Why I Broke Up With Him

Your fucking dumb


Hey all,
I saw nxxdmoreslxxp's blog about how the site feels kinda empty. It's true, it's sorta slow. Just wanted to remind you all that the best way we can keep the site running is keep blogging! If you don't have anything to say, just post saying hello! ask a question to be answered in the comments! talk about your day! rant! song lyrics! I don't care, just talk about something and I, personally, will do my best to read and comment as many blogs as I can, cause I know how great it can feel to receive a comment :) Just keep blogging, and everything will be fine :) The MCRmy never dies!

Getting my car tomorrow! Or maybe friday :P

So I bought my car (a 2011 Volkswagon tiguan in black) a little over a week ago. It's been getting cleaned up and the dealership has been waiting for my ownership papers to come in since then. But tomorrow we're going to cash the check and maybe take the car home! If not today then friday. I got a bunch of LGBTQ bumper stickers in the Castro (the rainbow part of San Fransisco) and some key chains too. Also got stickers for my car at Warped. My car is gonna be the gay-mobile and it's gonna be great! I'm really excited to have my own car :)
Bought Gerard red hair dye today.

Warped Tour '16

Warped was AWESOME! I saw ghost town, Sleeping with Sirens, Falling in Reverse, a little of Mayday Parade, New Found Glory, Sum 41, Whitechapel and Yellowcard.
I went to charity tents and merch tents. Got a ton of stickers and buttons. Bought a "I'm a fucking feminist" shirt, A Plug Your Holes shirt and a shirt from a charity that donates to eating disorder programs and treatment. Also got 4 FREE sampler CDs!
there's no moshing/crowd surfing signs all over the place but SO much moshing and surfing. which is great for me cause I live for that stuff. Whitechapel was brutal!

We Don't Need Another Song About California

Hey guys

I'm in Cali right now! took a 6 hour flight from the east coast from the west coast. Got to see all of America from really high up and it looked SO cool! The flight was kinda bumpy and that made me anxious but otherwise it was fine. Slept a lot.

When we arrived at my aunt and uncle's house, we hung out for a little while, then went to Piercing Pagoda to get my ears pierced (again)! I got my third hole on my left ear and my fourth on the right (I despise symmetry). It didn't even hurt at all, despite the fourth hole being half on my lobe, half on the cartilage.

Driving Test Tomorrow

Hey guys,
So tomorrow I have my driving test. I'm so nervous. Been waking up super early because I'm so worried I'll fail and can't sleep because of it. I know I can do it, I'm good at parallel parking, have to do a three point turn to get out of my driveway so I know how to do that. I follow the speed limit and signs and road rules. But what if I screw up and make a dumb little mistake? Like what if I don't signal when turning out from a curb or going into parallel park? What if I don't look over my shoulder enough? What if I don't look in my mirrors enough?