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My story. If your having trouble with suicide or something please watch.

This is me.

Im gonna go die and cry in a hole now. :'c
I need a stuffed bunny.
Im not okay :'c
Things on facebook

When you see a girl on facebook and she get 124 Likes on her picture and you get 18 x_x

I love my boyfriend like crazy

Last night he made me feel like I had the most amazing boyfriend in the world. Hes done so much for me, here is a little list of some of them
-Was in a band had concerts sang SING and cancer for me,
-Rejected seventy-fucking-four girls since we started dating. (May 3rd)
-He has been saving money for me so that way when we meet up half way he wants to buy me the best hotel room he can hes been saving for two months, then his parents took it away and put it to college and so he started saving again.
-He makes me smile.
-Calls me almost every day just to say he loves me.
That has been

Guys live is worth living <3

Guys life is worth living <3

Me :p

Okay I need help. This guy named nick, hes 2 grades above me, we are both in high school. I met him June 1st. Since then hes told me he likes me and then he asked my out I said no cause I have a boyfriend. He would always tell me he loves me. Then one day we had band. It was june 28th. Me, him, My friend renee, and my ex where all hanging out. In that day nick Kisses my head and the side of my face, and when I was leaving he hugged me and wouldnt let go for a little and then said "I love you." 3 days later he tells me that he likes my friend renee. He just met her 3 days ago.