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My boyfriend is in the hospital. He stopped breathing.

Im crying so hard now, hes in the hospital and I cant do anything I dont know if he will even be okay :(

Im already over stressed and school hasnt even started yet

Im already crying cause Im so stressed out. School hasnt even started yet and im stressed out cause of stuff thats happened. I dont know what to do. Im crying so much, I cant find a way out of this. I need help.

Tumblr anyone? follow me I follow you?
I bet you this year Im gonna end up in the hospital again.
A character Im making up.

Okay I am making up a villan and i dont know what HER name should be. Shes a villan, she can seduce any one she wants, men and women(Even if they are in a relationship) she make them do what she wants. But I need a name for her, she has long black hair and I think her outfit will be black silver and purple

I only have 5 followers x_x

For all you people with tumblr. Follow mee I will follow you

I only have 5 followers x_x

Hey to all you people on tumblr. Follow meeee and I will follow you.

Im sorry you have to look at me...

Im sorry you can look away if you want. Its okay. Just look away.

LOL. Some guys are assholes cant believe I cried over him