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chococat8653's blog

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Who exactly is jeff who always posts the news? Please help thanks!

-radioactive rose


Dove chocolate

Go out for adventure go home for love


I am watching toy story anyone like it cause I do XD haha

The past day

All I have been doing since yesterday was get on here and watch doctor who on Netflix on my IPad because I am sick :P

-radioactive rose


I am sick. I feel horrible. Hope I get better soon

-Radioactive rose


Ok my killjoy name is Radioactive Rose. What do you think? Please comment.

-radioactive rose

Killjoy name

Ok I think I got a killjoy name its Radioactive rose


Help please comment what should my killjoy name be look at my profile for ideas please help thanks!

No water

Here I am eating cereal because a main water pipe broke in my neighborhood so no water. I AM GONNA DIE WITHOUT WATER!!!!!! So hopefully it comes on soon!


Ok my friend ( a guy) said this to me " you are sick your hair is a mess you look like crap go to your room and sleep" isn't he nice?