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chococat8653's blog

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so sleepy

i have been so sleepy lately... my head hurts i just got off my bus well bye

-Radioactive rose


Sometimes I hate my friend...

-Radioactive rose


Hey up can you still get thoses packages that have a ray gun and mask and other stuff if so where can I get it thanks!!!!

-Radioactive rose


Hey um can you still buy thoses things with the model ray gun and the mask and other stuff if so where and how much thanks!

-Radioactive rose

Two things in one blog =D

Ok well the first thing
1- how many of you kill joys like the legends of Zelda?
2- how many of you kill joys like anime? ( Japanese animation)
Thanks pleas comment!

-Radioactive rose


I just love xbox like it's amazing and fun :3 so send me a message if you want to be friend on there =)

-Radioactive rose

Japan bands

Ok well i have some favorite bands in Japan but I am really worried about them..... Here are their names you all should hear them they are good and I will list a good song I like with them.

-the Versailles
Red carpet day


-Radioactive rose

I am not ok

Ok well I watched the music video for I am not ok andit was so funny!!!!

-Radioactive rose

Story I wrote for class

Ok for my English class I had to wight a mystery and the killer woker for BLI I was thinking of all you killjoys when I wrote it <3

-Radioactive rose

Sorry (again)

SORRY I put the thing twice again.....

-Radioactive rose