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this is how i feel about my friend

"I hate you. I hate you for doing what you did to me. I hate you for stringing me along. I hate you for being able to carry on with your life. I hate you for hurting me.

I hate myself for ever caring about you. I hate myself for not learning my lesson the first time. I hate myself for believing you. I hate myself for not listening to my gut. I hate myself for being your fool.

Even though I hate you, I love you for showing me true happiness in my life without you in it. I love you for leaving my life so that good things could happen.


is it me or does franks guitar say texas :D

-radioactive rose


yay tonight i get my school schedual for my 8th grade year i hope i made year book ( i get to help make the year book if i get in the class)

-Radioactive rose

i hate crying

i hate crying caues it makes me think of other reasons of why i have cryed and so to stop my self from crying i cut my self.............

-Radioactive rose


i found this comment on youtube


1. I'd pull down my pants and check out my package.

2. I'd walk up to Frank, say I've loved him all along and don't love Lyn-Z, then make-out with him until I pass out.

3. Tell Mikey I want some Brotherly love and get some coffee with him.

4. Call Bob and see how he's doing.

5. Rock out with Ray and feel his hair.

6. Take a super hot sexy shower with Frankie, then go to bed and fall asleep in his arms.


Ashleey3726 1 day ago"



doctor who and torchwood

hey all you killjoys im not suppose to be on but oh well shhhhhh keep it a secret and i wanted to ask how many of you watch Doctor Who or Torchwood? i love them so yeah hahaha........

-radioactive rose

im grounded

well im grounded this is the last blog i can post for a long time so i wont get to finnish my video yet sorry ill miss you cause i wont be able to get on the internet and tomorrow i am going to hawaii for a week so bye ill miss you all

-Radioactive rose


HEY all you killjoys! anyone in hawai? i will on the big island for my vacatino and ill be there from this saturday to next and im going up to the observotory one of thoses nights i think but see you there!!!!!


hey all killjoys on youtube i will be posting a vidoe of killjoys if you would like to take part send me a drawing or a picture from you but please make it an mcr thing. i will be taking them untill july 20th now so plaese hurry i will be posting this everyday at diffrent time, so tell every one and please include your name or your killjoy name. thank you :) and you can send more than one. im going to hawaii this weekend so not sure if ill be able to post this every day till the 20th so please hurry


-radioactive rose