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YOUNG AND LOADED: Killjoy Ray Guns!

Was anyone lucky enough to order one? I ordered the Party Poison gun, which will go perfectly with my Party Poison jacket!:3

MCRmy remake of the Helena music video!

So, myself and olot of others in the MCRmy remade the Helena music video, which was an absolute win! You can find the link to our remake of it here:
I'm trying to Get the guys to see it by tweeting them constantly on twitter about it, but if any of you guys want to help with trying to get them to see it, it'd be so much appreciated!
Keep running XO

Killjoy ray guns!

so as soon as i spend over £100 on merch, they bring out ray guns.
now that's even more money i'm gonna blow.
I need to beg for a Killjoy gun! I actually would give up any birthday and/or christmas presents for the party poison gun!

whats up with making guns available, then taking them down again?

I came home ready to buy them and everything:') haha

I'm from the north west of England, so when i heard MCR were gonna play at itunes festival, i literally jumped at the chance, entering the competition over 20 times.
It was the day to found out if i won or not. I sat refreshing my page over and over, waiting and screaming at my laptop to get an email from itunes saying i won.
I waited an hour, still no email. I cried alot.
But the next day i decided to ask my dad if he'd buy me tickets, because it was my last chance to see them this year. He finally gave in after me sobbing at him down the phone and i got tickets off the internet.

My dad

My chem just have to come back to the UK on tour again.

I saw them in February, and I think the UK need more MCR-lovin' :3 I honestly miss them like mad! I hope they come back on a 2nd UK tour during the Danger Days era. Seeing them live is the most amazing and cherishable experience in the fucking world.

My Chemical Romance live.

Omfg. They're too amazing. I loved them before, but now i've seen them live, woah.
I keep getting the urge to cry because the concert's over. I'm actually really considering going to see them again in a different venue.

It was amazing. They're all such fabulous musicians, they sound good on all their CD's, sure, but live.. just.. wow.

I loved how Gerard got the arena silent when he sang Cancer. It was .. wow.

Long live the Killjoys <3