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Seeya, Friend.

Wow. I never wanted to believe that this band could end. I've been crying most of the morning. I guess this is gonna be my "final" statement to them, which is gonna be a mixture of a letter I began trying to get to them and began writing for them in June 2011, and my words now.


Pre-warning you: I’m shitty at writing, so please excuse the lack of any intelligent wording. I just hope I get my main point across. I also apologise for the length of this.

I kinda expected to get this letter to you through meeting you, but I guess this will have'ta do.

I first heard you guys through your song

My Chemical Romance Action Figures: Magical Adventure

It got me out of doing revision/homework.

I miss the old online store :<

I guess I just liked being able to comment on the pieces of merchandise... Does anyone remember when you could post a photo on the piece of merch's page of you wearing it? I liked that too :3

Some of the reasons I love My Chemical Romance.

Wow, I can sense already this is gonna be a pretty damn corny post. But yeah, here's some reasons I love My Chemical Romance the way I do.

They've been the only people who've stuck by me, thick and thin. Who've always been there; through their inspiring words, and each chord they've ever played. No matter what was going on, no matter how much I felt I'd lost, they were still there for me. They're my rock. No matter what, if I feel like I've tried everything and nothing can cheer me up, My Chemical Romance have always been able to.
-They give me hope and faith.

Congratulations Jamia and Frank!xo

I've been waiting anxiously all day to find out what this 'announcement' was, and when I saw Frank's last tweet on the 6th April, honestly I flooded with tears of happiness and joy for the Iero family. I cannot congratulate them enough on a new baby son. xo

My synopsis of the song "I Never Told You What I do For A Living"

My idea of what I Never Told You What I Do For A Living means ^-^

this is just my opinion of it's meaning in the original concept idea.

" just get in line and I'll grieve you, can I meet you, alone?"
This is him rounding up the last few "evil souls" upon his quest to be reunited with his lover, he's asking them to line in some form of an unsympathetic way so he can kill them one by one, as he's eager to see his lover again. Can I meet you alone would come with him wanting to kill them. He seems to be at this point, really, very desperate to be reunited with his lover at this point.

A year since my first My Chemical Romance concert.

If only I could relive that day.
It was one of the happiest and most amazing experiences of my life. The atmosphere was incredible and the band were fucking phenomenal.

The whole day leading up to seeing MCR, I was annoying my friends counting down each half an hour until the concert. By the end of the school day, I was rushing home excited for the amazing evening I knew I had ahead of me.
I was getting ready with my friend who was going to the concert with me; we were both absolutely ecstatic.

When we finally left for the concert, I felt butterflies in my stomach from excitement and

10 years since 9/11

"And after seeing what we saw, can we still reclaim our innocence?"

So, ten years ago today an absolutely abhorrent act of evil took place in New York city.
The twin towers were attacked.
Thousands of lives were lost, whether they be mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, daughters, sons, aunts, uncles, they left an everlasting effect and question to society.
What is the world coming to?

To think such evil is capable to come from a human. Someone with a supposed soul, but no, it happened because of a conscienceless body, with a cave trapping any form of emotion.

My Chemical Romance's performance at Reading Festival.

So, i just spent the last hour watching My Chemical Romance on my tv perform at Reading festival. And it looked magical.

They entered on Na Na Na, I quickly sprung up and sang along, and seeing Mikey, Ray, Frank and Gerard were all in their Killjoy costumes, I ran in to my room and put on my Party Poison jacket and got out my ray-gun to spend the next hour partying with My Chem.

I literally never felt so, so happy. Apart from when I was at the concert in February. But I was even more ecstatic now.

I sang, and I danced, and I cried. Cried out of sheer awe of how amazing they all are.

At the