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OohhMyGee!! D:

I wish people would stop posting that MCR was just kidding. But I wish they were. I mean seriously?! D: Who would do that to us? Just saying that MCR are joking and stuff. Just gets me mad. I believed it at first, started almost dying :D Then I looked on twitter and Gerard had posted that it wasn't true. My heart broke AGAIN. -_- But in all honesty. If anyone of my mates on here haven't heard from me, I'm sorry, I have been busy. Recently everything in my life has fit together, I almost feel whole again, the first time in MANY MANY years.

So Long And Goodnight Life

Theres no hope for me anymore, I dont want my life to go on, I cant live like this... This is the last time I will ever try and kill myself because this will really happen... Thank you so much for everything, each and everyone out there, for being there for me, looking after me when my life doesn't, Im just going to go so you dont have to worry about me anymore... I'l be with my brother again.. :'( Thank you Gerard, Frankie, Ray and Mikey, I'l miss listening and checking up on your music, I hope everything goes well for you, and for your new album next year... GoodBye... XO

OMG! Look what my mate drew!

This is seriously amazing am I right guys?! She doesnt believe me, I need to prove it to her that it is seriously epic! This took her 3months to paint, and if she keeps on drawing and painting, she will be like the next Van Gogh or Picasso! :D Seriously talented Girl my Georgie! :O :P :) x

Moi! :3 x
I got My Party Poison Jacket!!

At Long last Its finally Come! Im so happy, took a long time because It came from America and I live in the UK, but totally worth the wait!!!!! I had to get a Large size, but Its okay, slightly Baggy but its acceptional, Material's absolutely amazing, completely worth the £75 or what ever it was! :D

Awesome new song

I love their new song Zero Percent... :D Amazing.... completely blown away to be Frank... :P xx


OMFG!! I am getting the Party Poison Jacket next week!!! :D OMG!! Im so frickin' excited!!!!!