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Ugh. I hate relationships ffs.

Ugh. My bf is like superrrr clingy but we fit really well together, i dunno, probably cause we're both so weird ;), but i always just end up getting scared and chickening out of like everything, i get scared for no apparent reason but im really comfortable with him, i dont know... I feel like i can talk on here though because none of my friends are on here. Especially him, I cant tell anyone how i feel and i feel so freekin' bottled up, thats why i always write so much and go off topic like i have just done. but i have nothing more to say on the topic.
See you next time ;)

I promise. you guys HAVE to listen to this.

Every snowflakes different like mcr on yo gabba gabba kids as in babies programme... err tell me what you think.

I promise. you guys HAVE to listen to this.

Every snowflakes different like mcr on yo gabba gabba kids as in babies programme... err tell me what you think.

I am here for a reason.

ever since primary school my life has been based around music and art, my taste has been constantly changing, i never really fancy anyone, i always felt like an outsider and left out, i had friends but no one actually liked me so 'fraud friends' if you might, just as Im starting to get a good group of friends that i can act normal around, i find My Chemical Romance, just as i was about to slip into being a normal, everyday person, MCR slipped into my life and i am so happy they did because im meant to be weird, im meant to be emo, im meant to show my true colours, im meat to make a change and

Saturday and Im bored as fuck.

I can't believe its saturday and i don't know what to do with myself! I'm so bored. Suggestions anyone?

Today we had two english practice questions:No.1. Write a letter to your friend asking to come on holiday with you.. took 1 1/2 pages
No.2. Write an article on a topic of your choice: Music, food, fashion. Of course i chose music and wrote 5 pages on My Chemical Romance, i still wasnt finished, had at least 3 more pages to go :L:L I love My Chem SOOOOOOOOO much :D

Who gives a fuck.

There is no point in posting so many statuses on facebook about how depressing you life is. who gives a fuck. I get a load of stick for loving My Chemical Romance apparently their emo but i am basically emo on the inside. Why is everyone so bothered? Its like when people post- 'bored.. like for a rate' on facebook. Nobody is gonna turn around and say you sad ass if you miss out the bored bit. you all sound like tits. fuck off of my facebook.
I don't give a fuck. Why should you?


thank you for being here music, if it werent for you im sure loads of us would no longer be here. thank you My Chemical Romance, you are the best and most helpful band on this planet. i will never be able to make as good music as you, but i can try! :) xxx

No more depressing blogs :D

Kay so im not gonna post blogs about relationships anymore cause tbf they are making me miserable and i want to forget them. half of me wants to pour my heart out to you, the other wants to tell you about this awesome My Chem geek 'dance in the mirror with your hairbrush like girl' sesh!!

just cause im cool like that >.<


Boy trouble as per usual, but i have to remember that my chemical romance is my escape.
So this girl is obsessed with 1d not the girl i was starting a band with but another girl. and she wont stop dissing mcr and i feel like punching her in the face and screeming who gives two shits about what you think you fucking like one direction!
not being funny but you can have an opinion. dont have to try and diss other peoples. stupid whore>... Pfft.
got an E in maths mock.. woop. :(
apparently im turning emo according to my friends. well i dont give two fucks.