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Urg. One day into school and my 'friends' have made me feel like crap.

Urg.Urg.Urg. Its probably not even something big but when its bad at school and at home fucking shit errupts. cant wait for my best friend to come home :):/ I miss her so much, shes like the only person i can talk to right now. Boy shit going on. If i was just emotionless it would work.
Shit happens.
Young and Loaded.


Then I remembered everything. I lay on the sofa, i was still so I didn't wake the boys. A clock on the wall revealed it was 10o'clock in the morning. I watched the clock until half ten when someone woke up, Kobra Kid.
'Good Morning' He smiled at me as he stretched, he stood and walked out of the room. I sat up, he came back a few minutes later with two sandwiches, he handed me one.
'Thanks' I smiled, I didnt think i was hungry until i took a bite. urgh. i was ravenous! once we'd finished our sandwiches we sat together on the sofa and spoke about Joe.
'Who do you think he really is?' I


So this is about the time when i have been putting off homework the whole holidays, its the night before school. I havent done any of my homework, and i have lllllloooooooooooaaaaaaaaddddddssssss, i have to go out and buy fabric and everything. fooking great.

this is really rubbish :L Soz guys;)
I did copy it.
Woah the system just went sick guys. :Z


I walked up the first flight of stairs. Little beads of sweat started to fall from my forehead, I didn't even know who the fuck these guys were. Should I have turned around? Gone back out into the freezing desert? I had that sense of danger pulling me back but I carried on moving forward. End of the second flight of stairs. Third floor. I started walking down the thin corridor until i found room number 13. I took a deep breath and knocked the door. The door opened slowly to reveal a guy with a kind of afro and big lips.


I woke to Joe shaking me. "Is it morning already?" I smiled.
"no. Get up now. Bring a small bag of essentials, clothes, water, food etcetera etcetera." I jumped up and did as i was told, we were whispering which meant there was something wrong.
"Whats up Joe? Seriously."
"theres a draculiod outside. Lets go." we snuck out to a car, it was dark which meant it was the middle of the night, we met two other people there, a girl and a boy. We all got in the car and drove away, far, far away.

Fanfic prt 3

"what about my mum?", I panicked.
"Simple, she'll think you will have been abducted, Paolo is going to kill her soon anyway."
Gasp. "No he isn't"
"he is under strict instructions to. Its your fault, shouldn't have hidden the 'rebellious' stuff" he winked at me.
I sighed and then a thought struck me. "How come you know so much? You're not here to save me at all are you?"
He stared hard and cold at me "of course im here to save you. You were my best friend. I know so much cause im a killjoy and i have been keeping a close eye on you. I know them, you know."
"you know who?"
"Party Poison, Jet


happy new year everybody, hope this year will be full of mcr and friends and family and goss;);););) <3<3

Take a guess ;)

I tried to change the style, to make it harder :D

Happy new years eve!

I'm trying to get myself excited about our new years eve party but i just can't. My boyfriend is sleeping over, in my brothers room, but the closer we get to him coming over the closer i get to ringing and cancelling cause i don't know im worried. please help killjoys, any advice? :/
PurpleUnicorn xoxo