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I just want to save people. Like they have..

I am and have been a bitch but all i want to do is help people and save their live like My Chemical Romance have, im trying to help people stop cutting and people to come out of depression. but i cant help what i did and what i was like 7 months ago and i cant help that you ruined you're life by taking it out on the only person you loved, i cant help that it wasnt actually me who did what everyones saying i did and i cant help that you did the exact same thing to the guy that he did to you. I can't change whats happened in the past, i can only change the future.

Okay, a bit depressive :/ Help please. Xoxo

Okay so tonight my dad was like we're having ham and parsley sauce for dinner.. i went NOOOOOOOO its mingin', can i make my own dinner. the reply was no, its this or nothing, so i chose nothing and my mum came home and was like woah! Eat your dinner kid!

Sing it out for the ones that'll hurt you're guts.:}=

MCR ARE THE BEST BAND EVER AND I LOVE THEM. Sing it for the boys, sing for the girls, everytime you lose it sing it for the world, I<3YOU thankyou all sooooo much i love you all :D I love My Chemical Romance and every killjoy everywhere. Thankyou for saving me. All of you :D Keep Running, metaphorically or litterally. :D ILOVEYOUALL THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU xoxoxo

FUCK OFF OF MY SCREEN. time for a rant...

not being funny but i actually dont give a shit, i dont even give half a fucking shit, about when bla bla bla has gone on sale. YOU'RE NOT EVEN ON HERE CAUSE YOU'RE A KILLJOY why can't you just fuck off cause no one is going to buy off you. GRRR... why are'nt you on someone else's website, there are people asking for help on this blog but no one can fucking see it because your fucking choking the Zone 6 up with fucking sales! NO ONE CLICKS ON THEM. get off my screen.

NONONONONONONO I fucking hate my brother.

So my fucking stupid fucking twat brother, sam, just came into my room and i was using his charger cause mine broke and mum had let me and he came in and goes. I SAID YOUR NOT ALLOWED TO USE MY CHARGER and he unplugged it and i could see it happening in slow-mo i got up and shouted NOOOOO cause obv i was fucking using the stupid fucking charger and he yanked the charger and my computer flew off my bed and i turned to try andd get it before it crashed to the grround but n o i was too little too fucking late. i fuccking give up.

I sweardown. If you leave me.

If any member of mcr leaves us, nomatter whether they have left the band or something alot more serious. I don't know what i'll do.. What will i do? :(:(:( Oh my gosh cant think about it. I love MCR more than i love my boyfriend. Maybe i should get a new boyfriend if i don't care about him that much? I dunno. just really messed up right now. :/ I keep thinking that everyone around me is gonna die. like i can't let anyone leave without saying goodbye cause what if i never see them again.

People and theyre fricken, im like gee, ray, frank or ray?

When i come on mcr i come to check if mcr have posted anything and to help people but i cant see if anyone needs help because its full of the fucking shit chain messages. fuck off of my page! :L:L:L

Listening to the Prodidgy, is that lame?

Someone told me they're really good but my dad listens to them, are they? :L:L:L:L Im such a loser :L:L

my new boyfriend;)

Okay, so this is me and my new boyfriend;);), He is one of those water growing thingies and half was in the water and half was out so now he has HUGE legs.. which isn't so bad ;););) and TINY arms :D

SING IT FOR CHRIS repost. *reposted*

SING it for Christopher<3 (PLEASE READ AND REPOST)
Wednesday January 4, 2012 |
Posted by: HellyWay
Hey my Killjoys. What's the happenings? Things good? Cool. But here's the point of the blog; I honestly don't ask a lot of you guys but I need a HUGE favor. With Danny gone, the person who is honestly hurting inside the most is his older brother Christopher. All I'm asking is that you guys submit fan art supporting Chris, and a little video tribute saying something to him. We have a fallen soldier, and it's our responsibility to help him back up. I'm not asking for much. PLEASE YOU GUYS.