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You can't force me. No.1

DancingDemon sang soo great but he was always singing adverts and stuff from England that I'd never heard before, 'Girl on theplatform smile..'
'Whats that one?' I queried
'Its from an advert, it makes me believe in love, I have never believed in love.'
I sighed and looked up at the damp ceiling, we were in an abandoned cafe, our home for a few days, i had my own room and everything, but we couldnt stay here long. Radiation.
'You'll find love Demon. Dont worry. I just hope one day someone catches Korse and severely hurts him. No, tortures him until his last breath.'
'Why don't you


My boyfriend officially dumped me on thursday:D Im freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
And tonight I went to a party and we were all playing spin the bottle and truth or dare and shizz and half the boys went out the room and i got truth so they asked me who i would most likely go out with in the party and i said sam(who had left the room) Cause he is the least dickhead like and i think someone told him cause he was flirting with me looooooooaaaaaadddddddddsssss after that and i was like. Do.Not.Make.Me.Like.You. I am done with lads. Done done done.:D

New hair... Nom.

the first ones my old hair:o And the seconds a bit fuzzy... chillin' with my hair:o I can get used to saying that. i just cant believe that hair belongs to me... its so awesome(Sense the modesty;)). Listening to live songs by mcr nananananananananananannananananananananna :D i didnt count them<<< Dont go all 'thats not how many there are' on me. i know thats not the right amount im just so full of energy and now i have to put that energy into cleaning my bedroom... :/ All out of energy.

i genuinly dont give a shit about whats on sale.

FUCK OFF OF OUR ZONE6 None of us will buy anything off you. just go the fuck away**********Meo...something or other.

Pokes on facebook...

....Poked you
when did this happen?

I just want to curl up in a corner.. and die.

I dont know whats happening to me at the moment. i just i keep crying and false smiling and jumping and being anti-social and crying some more. why cant the world just end. right here. right now? I dont even know what im upset about. I do know however, that im with someone i dont think i want to be, my best friend is saying she never wants to talk about me again( She sais we've grown apart and im like:/when did you become my bf. i now have no one) i constantly have other peoples fucking problems on my fucking shoulders. its okay on here cause i comment with advice but grrrr.

lifes shitty at the mo..

im really confused and i dont know why, im just weird i guesO.o:L

Help with my music please Guys :D

Help with my music please guys, i need to widen my musical knowledge, any band suggestions? I like MCR(Love), Hollywood Undead and All Time Low, and Asking Alexandria, and Black Veil Brides, i know ima fagg ;3

Just watching vids of mcr interviews and shiz..

Watching vids of mcr on youtube and they all have other peoples music in the background:(:(:(:(


I don't know why. I just reallllllllllllllllly want glasses. Yeah i thought I'd waste you're time. soz :D PurpleUnicorn xoxo