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boys boys boys

im very tempted to just drone on and on about a guy i like on here but im not going to. i have three simple words to describe lads:


Hang in there guys

Hi fellow Killjoys,

It seems MCR have hit a terminal bump in the road and looking back on interviews from just after the release of Danger Days I can honestly say that you can see the signs, you can tell that they were going through some sort of artistic block. That being said, MCR have always been a brilliant band and have always been there for me when im down.
In the past few months i havent been as close to MCR's music as I would have hoped, I just havent particularly found a connection.


Hey guys:) I havent blogged in ages! But i suppose as it is International My Chemical Romance Day i should really:)

Though i dont listen to you as much MCR, you will always be my favourite band-I Love You.
thanks for helping me out when i asked for it guys:)



Watch this video, cry, smile, but most of all HELP. Please please please do all you can to help these poor poor people, I know i will. no one deserves this harsh life and we must stop Joseph Kony. Now. think about this harsh time, then watch this video.

Ungrounded, yey:) ill, BooHoo:'(

Ug. just got ungrounded to find out im ill, but up side- i dont think i have to go to school tomorrow:D
PurpleUnicorn xoxo

I just figured out... i really dont give a FUCK.

I dont care. k? I have friends. I have a life. I've met a really gorgeous guy. i really like him. im happy. i just have you dragging me down now. judging me! LEAVE ME ALONE im different BUILD A FUCKING BRIDGE and go listen to 1d. slag

im so proud:D

:O LOOK WHAT I PAINTED, sorry to boast but i<3 it:)

My name is PurpleUnicorn

leave me alone. im different. build a bridge and get on over it. I get shoved for looking different, im not emo. i dont want a label. i dont give a shit about who you think i am. i am me. it takes a long time to figure me out. so respect what you do know and forget about the unknown. if you truly liked me you wouldnt care what the fuck i wore in my ear:L You're all nobs. My names PurpleUnicorn and im standing for what i believe in. I only put xoxo to something on, i only wear dark eyeliner around my eyes cause they have massive circles. i only help everyone.

I cut my hair yesterday. Cause im outta control.


okay, i just need to tell someone this.

I genuinly(can't spell:L) dont give a poobums if you read this, kay?:)
ok. my friend just got run over,,,, well her foot. :o it was right infront of my and i was so scared and her friend ran to her and picked her up and i was just... i felt so helpless, shes in hospital now but:/ I hope shes ok, im so scared, i was with my little brother and it was partly my fault.
Me and this guy lloyd had an argument on the bus and not being funny hes lower sixth and im year ten Right? Fucking nob. He always picks on me though and im always like fuck off.