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Pissed off

shit...... im soo pissed off with my momo right now.......geez........only cause im telling her that im going to be late for a party and to get ready fast..and she starts yelling at me....like some hysteric wako.........whats the big problem just get reaady and stop yelling at me......i hate her when she does that....

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senseless thing

do you fight till the end
with a spark thats not dead
did you lived in the dark
did you fought with the eyes

dont you see theres no use
in living forever
to believe that im done
screw up and finished

i know it doesnt make any sense
that you still here
fighting against the wish
of brushing a razor through your arm

stay, fight till dead
believe in the causes
dont be afraid
to stay living

you are here for a reason
dont waste your time
wandering why
just do your thing
stay...for me

i know it doesnt make much sense but i dont know i just came up with it...........

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why people is so fuckin' annoying¡¡¡¡

well heres the thing...i was with two of my best friends working for a school proyect.. so i started listening to MCR...and they started saying that MCR only was emo music... they started saying that who was i to say that they werent emo and not comercial stuff..... ionly thought"its ok everyone has their own tastes but why cant they sy¡tand others tastes?....why they start talking shit about something you dont know?...they were so fucking annoying...and im very pissed off with them right now..the bad part is that they're still in my house and they are like: ohh come on dont be like taht you know is true¡¡¡....i am like: OMFG fuck off.....HELP¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ MCR help me¡¡¡¡

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5 facts
1. middle name: Alejandra
2. astrological sign: Acuarius
3. eye color: gray blue
4. birthday: february 12 1996
5. home state: Venezuela

5 favorites
6. fave movie: Pirates of the caribbean
7. fave book: the eyes of the dragon- Stephen king
8. fave candy: Hersheys cookies n cream
9. fave make-up: eyeliner
10. fave magazine: Kerrang¡

5 things
11. my motto is: carpe diem- rain will dry up
12. i can't find my: cellphone..were the heck is it?
13. my friends say that i am: a sycho...and that im obssesed with MCR
14. my parents were going to call me: danielle...but my name is daniela

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any comments?

i have this friend....he is my best friend in the whole world..even though im the emo type and he is all metal type we get along very good....but i dont know i think im starting to like him.....and some of my friends told me that he likes me....once his friend tolme that he tink i looked cute with eyeliner on....i really feel very good when im with him....we take care of eachother..he takes good care of me .. he protecs me when i need it...and we always hang out together we hug...and kiss in the cheeks very often...but know that i told this to a friend (she is agirl) she stars hugging him and telling him tath she gets along really well with him..and im really pissed because is not like taht.. i think im jelaous...probably thats my complain but even she cant do that when she knows that i have feeling for him...im i right?

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really dont you just hate preps?..i mean they are all superficial and they dont even care about whats going with the whole dammed world...today i was walking home.. and some preps were in the house next door..and while i was passing through they yelled at me stuff like: EMO GO TO HELL.....i mean it really pisses me off that they all discriminate you just because of the way you look .... not even caring of what are you going through......


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sort of depressed

i really dont know whats going on with me im fealing really depresed..kinda a mental breakdown..im feling bad...i think the whole world is conspiring against me¡¡¡...my mom keeps yelling at me everytime.. my friends wont understand why the hellim feling bad and they think im just triying to get some atentiion... i feel alone.....like im alone..MCR help me guys...MCRmy fans...need help..i know you guys will understand¡¡

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ummm BORED

I DON'T know a lot of people who likes, lives and breads MCR as i do...i just want to find people who is like me im sure i can find them here so pleas write to me¡¡¡¡...

also: im really social.. i love metting people...and specialy people who had gon etrought the same things i have....

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ok.....im so !"·$%&/ bored... and i have nothing special to do but hang out here in MCR page....umm .. but know i know.. i have this inglish test tomorrow and i havent study a bit....srusl i prefer doing stuff here than studying....and Ocourse listening to MCR cover Desolation Row...WERE GERARD and BOB look so cute.....and then i was wondering....does anyone knows if gerard and Bert McCraken they were boyfriends or some of the sort?.......
well thanks...and have a nice day