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I just want to share with you

I made a rag rabbit doll!

we will carry on!

Не стоит прогибаться под изменчивый мир, пусть лучше он прогнётся под нас.
Don't cave in to the changing world, get the world to cave in to you. (lyrics from a song by the Russian rock group "Time Machine")

I believe in summer

five degrees by F. it is really cold! I believe summer will come in my town soon)
P. S, Do tou know what is discrete mathematics? I say you it most awful thing that I ever do in school.


Hi! I From Russia and my English leaves much to be desired. I'm new here and so happy find who loves MCR like me and feels what I feel. My peers don't understand me.Sometimes world seems to me dull and sad place. But MCR help me when I'm not OK and instil confidence in myself.
I love you:)

My way to escape from cold reality

Suddenly this idea flashed into my mind. I want to draw a comics. I painted it yesterday when I listen MCR.
P.S.It's my first post and I'm not mother-tongue English-speakers, but I believe that I spelled it correctly:)