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My mum is just about killing me for whats in the picture xD. She deleted all the other band stuff i like -.- (she kept MCR, cause she knew i'd be annoyed) i have to repeat record them, because sometimes they dont fully record and stuffs -.- I cant help when i see something to do with MCR i automatically press record?D:

If anyone has twitter or instagram follow me :D i will follow back ^-^ twitter: @amehhful instagram: Amehhorseman


Hmm thinking of a plan to get through this school year. I live in England so i have a school uniform. Last year i got away with skinny jeans and converse, but theres this teacher thats a uniform freak, i was thinking of wearing school trousers till the second term, then switching back to jeans(get on the good side of her), but then i though DAMN i have a nose piercing, a 6mm plug and my ear rim pierced, all that arent allowed so thats backfired xD what to do?!?!
Me and my friend have made some plans, on non-uniform day we are going to dress exactly the same ('cause our styles are THAT alike

Sparky from Frankenweenie ^-^

A little off the subject of MCR (though Frank is on the soundtrack so eh) but i drawn Sparky from the film Frankenweenie ^-^ They kinda suck...but im working on my drawing ._. I can't wait for the film :D especially the fact it comes out 3 days after my birthday ^-^ if someone takes me to see it ill be happy xD

Professional Griefers video ^-^

ITS SO AWESOME :D damn meowingtons for making Gerard lose!D: Its so awesome how they made it! I love it ^-^ already got the song on my phone and Ipod lmao.
Still loving the new website :D it loads quicker too xD
My ear is really itchy right now...i got my ear rim pierced today in Blue Banana, it hurt...but i didnt move or pull a face when it was pierced which is un usual for me xD the thing that hurt the most was the piercer accidently pinched my ear when she put the ring in which really hurt xD This time i didnt have a friend with me, making me worried so it was better than when i got my

New layout o:

Omg the new layout is amazing! I can't wait for the new album! My mum is annoyed with me talking about MCR all the time(when I don't ALL the time >.<) her face when she saw the new layout was priceless as she knew I was about to fangirl xD eeeeeeee ^-^


I dont know why but im so excited for the Deadmau5 professional griefers video :D:D The song isn't really my usual music genre choice but I love it :D GOOO GERARD! I heard it playing on the radio for i think the first time and was like 'omfg thats Gerards voice!'

Am happy right now ^-^ just a little lonely :l school starts next wednesday, not looking forward to it ._.

OHHH and meet Frank, a kitten that nobody else wanted so we took him in ^-^ He's really lively and playful and loves to be a little annoying so i named him after Frank xD I also love the name Frank so..xD


I really don't want to go back to school D: i know i still have like 3 weeks till school starts, but im worried ._. going into year 10 this year, dont feel im ready to start my GCSE's -.- also thinking of the fact i leave school in 2 years D: time has gone so quickly! time just goes too quickly! Just got back from work, gahh so tired D: MCR listening for the rest of the evening i think ^_^


I was thinking since MCR are making a new album they are going to tour right? I hope if they tour England they will come to Bristol! I was talking with the Blue Banana staff in Bristol, and they normally have meetings with artists/bands that are performing in Bristol (I've met BVB+Asking Alexandria thanks to them ^_^), and they said if MCR performed in Bristol they would try and get a signing with them :D! I have a slight problem though...I'd have no one to go with xD I really hope they can 'cause that'd be awesome!:D Random thought but eh i'm new to this xD