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Just a question l:

If your boyfriend has a girl bestfriend, and he spends time with her (just them) for two days in a row, without inviting you, should you be worried?
I feel jealous, but at the same time i really trust him and know that he loves me? They take what some people from school have called couple photo's and put them on facebook l:
Ive spoke to my boyfriend about the fact i was jealous and he told me he would never do that to me (as in leave me for her)
I just hate it when they talk about the things they do, infront of me.
It also eats me inside to think that they're both together without me l:

Good Day :D

My B-day was awesome ^-^ I got another guitar! hell yeah :D my mum went MCR crazy o_o i also got a lot of money because...well im hard to buy for xD i dont know what to say...xD um well, ohhh yeah :D the boy who i've liked for AGES, finally asked me out :3 += i found out my really close friend had a secret relationship *LE GASP*
ahh it was a good day :D

Birthday, loosing it again.

Today in Science sucked. This girl that pisses me off so much decided to randomly bring up.She said to one of my friends and me;
'My Chemical Romance that band that girl likes?" (my close friend) "are shit, i dont know how anyone can like them?' My friend looked at me, and i was like 'she dived right in the frickin' deep end.' So i have her a massive rant of how awesome MCR are and how shit 1D are (her favourite "band"). I do love my ranting ^-^
On the happy side, it's my birthday tomorrow :D and i'm going to be 15, already woah xD can't wait :3 i has an MCR cake and its beautiful :D wearing

Loosing it

-Rant ahead...sorta-
Science, its fine, i love it, just REALLY hate the people in the class. The idiots always decide to sit BEHIND me. They kept throwing things at my back, normally i have quite a good patience and forgiving nature and ignore it, but that day i was really tired, and peed off. I have a, like, line of how far people can go until i snap. They went wayyyy past that line.


I am literally jumping in my seat right now, finding out MCR are releasing conventional weapons starting in october (my birthday month, my birthdays on the 2nd and im becoming 15 :D) makes me so happy :D I.cant.fucking.wait! I am going to be buzzing for ages now xD what Frank wrote was beautiful, he is really a huge inspiration to me(:

oh do you work out fractions of amounts again? stuck on maths homework -facepalm-

Suicide day, Mikeys B-day, School ^-^

Today is suicide awareness/prevention day, so i wrote LOVE on my wrist as you can see in the picture ^-^ All day i got asked why it was there, which kind of disappointed me a little :l but its a good day, my mum's bestfriend commited suicide, and i know a few other people, its a terrible thing :l

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKEY WAY =D Went around saying it all day xD

School is actually going quite well, ive already completed 2 tasks in my BTEC science of my GCSE ^-^ P.E is fun, we get to choose the music so me and my friend were thinking, MCR or Marilyn Manson to pee everyone off xD


Running into the living room to see MCR on the TV whilst getting a glass out the kitchen cupboard (the ones above the like...counters/sides) is a bad...bad...idea...especially when your accident prone like me...yes i hit my head on the door D: my mum was like Me: (smacks head) AHH CRAP....' Mum: HAHA did you hit your head on the door? you idiot!" Me: Yeah...-.-
I won the who can make the tallest skyscraper out of spagetti, celotape and a marshmallow contest in class...xD i have double science,double german, maths, and sports tomorrow...oh the JOYS...

School ^-^

Today was my first day in year10, i got into school and found out my MCR buddy is in my tutor :D SO HAPPY =D (maybe it will keep our arguing at a minimum now xD) I had drama ALL day, but they've made it mainly dance, omfg it killed me xD im so out of shape lmao. I've already plastered my organiser with MCR shiz ._. I have sooo many double lessons -.- monday mornings i have maths.sports.maths. i mean WTF? monday morning?! seriously?! for drama i can only get C-A* or a 'U' l: im going to really have to work...How was everyone elses day?:D

Last Day D:

It's the last day of my summer, as im back to school tomorrow -.- So i thought i'd have a MCR day :D Im sat watching the My Chemical Romance Rockology that was on Kerrang! (Helena is on right now, shes so pretty!) Later i think im going to watch LOTMS whilst probably more than likey drawing something to do with MCR xD.
I'm glad me and my friend made friends again, otherwise school would have been awkward and crap l: OHH and Happy anniversary Gerard and Lyn-Z :D (i learnt to spell anniversary just for that xD i'm such a noob, they got married in the same month and year that my mum and stepdad


You know the ad on facebook with Frank on it? saying about why he's a vegetarian? i dont believe i clicked on it...Its horrible to see what people do to animals, animals dont deserve all the things that happen...My friend told me all about the testing aswell as she does courses in her college, its so disgusting D: i dont think i can get the images out of my head...I'm glad im not a fan of meat already...