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It's been awhile
OMG!!! I'm excited for two things at this moment, one is My Chemical Romance related and the other is not. First is My Chemical Romance since this is the MCR website, I'll say why I'm excited about them. Which every My Chemical Romance fan is,. . . but I can't bottle it up. I am so excited for the CD, because My Chemical Romance has always had AMAZING MUSIC, so I'm looking forward to what they're planning for this album. Will MCR do another alter ego, or will they just be themselves and jam out? No matter what they choose I'm still going to buy their CD, weather I love it or hate it.
Time to take a trip!
In a few hours I'm taking a bus trip to Utah. *rolls eyes* well I'm going to go to give my nephew a kick ass Halloween, hang out this my sister & her mother. YAY! He's going to be turning five this year, It's cute for Halloween he's going to be Wolverine. Who else here is an aunt or uncle, and loves every minute of it?
Yay, when I read we could become members of this wonderful site, i giggled, and now i can't stop smiling. So nerdy, but i can't help it *fangirl squeal,* who else feels the same way? Oh Add me, if you'd like.