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Seriously who cares!

I keep coming across this picture of Rihanna, and everyone gets mad. Saying "poser, loser, copycat, exc..." I don't give a damn who's rockin what hairstyle, and who did it first. All I have to say is if she is copying the guys, that at least shows us the girl has got some good taste.

and let's remember Gerard singing "Umbrella."

On one last note, if the guys have no problem with her then why do you?

~Sunshine Bomb~
out, peace!

One day at a time.

I have been feeling better a day at a time. I have lots of support from family, friends, and my fellow killjoys. Thank you so much everyone. Facebook, This site, youtube, watching Criminal Minds, and have also been good for me lately.

well fuuuuuuuuuu

Not only do I not get to have my daughter, but it turns out I don't get to have my cat either.


just isn't my year.


Adriene Utau Cunningham
I only got to see you, but I want to you know that I love you. I will never forget you and I will never try to do so. Thank You for the joy you have given me and everyone around you, sweetheart. I & everyone will always love & miss you.

No clever words, or catchy titles.

This poem was made by my uncle.

They say
a tiny one
breathes no more
an innocent baby
died today
she really even started

The say the very wisest
among us
know all the world
without ever leaving
their home town
They say the very wisest
among us
never do anything
but never leave
anything undone

A new angel muse
flies the skies
of Earth tonight
A new angel
walks the green hills
of the summerlands

There is a new star
in the heavens tonight
set your sails people of Earth
as high as you can
Set your course
by the star
to the left of Sirius
Set you sails high
people of Earth

You've been rerouted to the Office of Too Friggin' Bad.

Pretty cool I went into the school bookstore and they were playing MCR'S "All I want for Christmas," not Mariah Carey's or boober's. Ick I sooo did not want to come to school today, but since it's my last day to frickin' bad. The last day is the MOST crucial day. Could have skipped it if missy missy came yesterday or earlier today, but nooooo let's not do mommy ANY favors. Lol, some people's children. So far so good though, I feel like I got an A on my final for sociology; of course it was mostly multiple choice. If I had to fill it out from memory, you bet I would have been screwed BIG time.

Internet control bill, It's alot to read but it's worth it.

The IP Act (S.968 - PROTECT IP Act of 2011) establishes a system for taking down websites that the Justice Department determines to be "dedicated to infringing activities." The DoJ or the copyright owner would be able to commence a legal action against the alleged infringer and the DoJ would be allowed to demand that search engines, social networking sites and domain name services block access to the targeted site. In some cases, action could be taken to block sites without first allowing the alleged infringer to defend themselves in court.

Gut - Bursting

This man is one of the greatest comedians ever! He is hilariously amazing!

Red Skelton - The videos are in black & white, but please don't let it stop you from having a good laugh.

This is only one of his skits: He plays his character Clem Kadiddlehopper in these.

oh woah is me!

My patience and sympathy for the "Depressed," is dissipating. At rather high rate too. Lately all i read or hear is poor me, woah is me, everything is hopeless. I'm the type of person who DOES NOT believe in hopelessness. I DON'T believe ANYTHING could EVER be hopeless. Nothing is ever impossible, improbable maybe. Which means that anything is still up to chance IF you are WILLING TO TRY. I strongly believe that if you have a problem with something, CHANGE it or do your DAMNDEST TRYING. I've recently had ENOUGH of this "I think I'll just go commit suicide," BULLSHIT.

Could I get some help from my fellow killjoys?

I can't decide to go by the new astrological sign order or by the old one. I'm thinking of getting a tattoo for my daughter, and have her name on it. Which ones do you guys think??

If I go with new my daughter will be a Sagittarius :

If I go with the old she will be a Capricorn :