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Hard Working

Hey All, I got a job recently and have been very busy. I love working it's so much fun! Last night I was working so hard I didn't even notice that I had missed break time. But when packing everything up, my boss turned to me and asked if I had taken a break yet, I told him no I hadn't and he told me to spend the rest half an hour of work on break. That was awesome! Plus I got to take home 3 pieces of cheesecake from the TDR. Plus I got a new boyfriend, he is absolutely wonderful to me, I think I'm actually falling in love for my 1st time ever.

Is it just me?

Does it feel like posts that are happy, bouncy, and thankful get ignored here?

Hello, Stranger.

Having a wonderful day here in Vegas. I went to the library, took my Rott. Nala to the park, now at home enjoying my aunt playing her favorite music, with the company of my family. How is your day going?

Promise not to cry

I'm sad to see the end of the MCR era, but like they said "And now, like all great things, it has come time for it to end." I had been going off in a different direction away from MCR for awhile, but it's still heartbreaking to me. It's sad to experience something wonderful, and have it come to an end. Thank you My Chemical Romance for giving us something to cling to when, we believed we had nothing else. For most giving them something to believe in and saving their lives. I couldn't possibly tell you how much your music has meant to some of us.

List your killjoy name and re-blog.

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The other day

Hey, mi familia!

So last Friday was it's own kind of day. My friends and I had planned a girls night out, so I went shopping for some new clothes, shoes, the works. I was going to go to fallas paradise from Ross, but decided to stop at the fantastic swap meet. I should have stayed away from the swap meet like my subconscious was telling me to, but noooooooo. I got jipped because I was so over whelmed being there. I 1st went into a shoe store there were a very persuasive sales woman got me to buy the first pair of heels I tired. she got like $50 -$60 dollars from me for one pair of shoes.

Could someone draw me a pic?

I want this pic made, but i sock rocks when it comes to drawing. Just leave a comment or send me a message if you have drawing capabilities and wouldn't mind doing me a favor. I'll give more details when you message me, but it involves people and clothes.

Okay since you said your game, I would like for you to draw me princesses, but dressed in different styles of clothes and hair. This picture are going to my neices, and nephews if they want a copy too.

the order I want them to stand in is at this link:

And I want

Going out tonight!

Woot! A bunch of friends & I are heading out to chill tonight. It's about time we all hang out.


I have some days are tougher than others, I still wish she was here with me. She's not what can you do, I'm getting so much support from my family and some from friends. The support and love from those who care for me is what gets me through everyday. I would be lost without them, thank you so much for support. This song made me cry when I was younger, now that I'm older I just cry harder to this beautiful song. The song also has a claiming affect on me too, also the guys have this affect on me as well. Just gotta remain positive.

~SunShine Bomb~