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Somethings not right here???

So I walk into my morning class and my teacher ask how was my mourning, and this teacher has seen me smoking and knows I do, they dont give a fuck, im not there child, so I tell him, the only reason i woke up was to smoke coffee and drink cigs. This took a few seconds of his confused look to understand what i said, so the only way to cover my ass of fail was add, and clearly im out off both. GAWD I NEED TO GET BACK WITH THE BAND!

Crazy Eyes

Well, outside of fucking up my own written solo everytime i try to play it while being recorded, this songs coming out great. I thought you would all like this one a lot, it has a kinda funny lovey feel to it.
Ive timed myself playing and its sitting at around 2 min. and ive yet to get the singing and playing togeather.

Little miss crazy eyes
Hiding behind your disguise
Little miss crazy eyes
I see right through your lies

Phones got a wiretap
Going to set up a trap
Drawn out on a map
Know my daily plan
Some day ill be your man

Little miss crazy eyes
Hiding behind your disguise
Little miss


So as the tittle says, i have a very Emo, Punk, and some other style orgy going on right now. I got me a pair of Dr. Martians, Black butterfly button skinny jeans, new American Idiot tee, old sleeveless jean jacket, and heavily spiked hair with a quarter bottle of gel in it. (God Forbid I light a match with my teeth) and ive walked around singing songs like Emo Skater Girl, Sk8er Boy, and other Nerdy bad girl type love songs, idk.

That awkward moment when:

So for the past couple days ive realized, Its warmer in the Sochi than it is in Ohio. WTF!!! THE WINTER OLYMPICS ARE WARMER THAN WHERE IM AT! WHY WHY WHY!!! Am I the only one with this problem?

Eventful weekend

So i went to my local music store and went in to get new strings, and walked out with a used red Peavey Raptor guitar for $120, 3mm picks for $5, a new strap for $10, and 10 gage strings for $5. so yea, not what i planed on, but not complaining. Most ive ever spent in that place. Granted it was also my first time getting something besides strings or valve oil. so that would just about do it. I then hit up a pawn shop and got the amp that was made for it for $50, so that was cool. And then got a hair cut.


so today the goat is now 1 week old, and i still hate it. But its still attached to me and shit, so now my eyes are glossy and blood shot, so i look like ive been stoned all week, when i haven't even touched a smoke in a month, so all the teachers are looking at me and just giving me the dirtiest looks. But in band we had a sub teacher, and my buddy (Graduating in three months and 100% done) was pissed that even though the band director said we can talk, she makes us spend the first 3/4ths of the class silent, so my senior buddy and another senior said "Fuck that" and just gave her hell.


So let me start out with saying, I FUCKING HATE ANYTHING THAT'S CONSIDERED A BABY, PUPPY, KITTEN, ETC! I hate kids that are under 13. I just do. I spend all my time with people older than me for the most part. Well, this weekend my life was filled with my fears of young thingys. Sisters baby goat was in the house all weekend after being born friday, we had the kid my mom watches a weekend a month whose ten, and then everywhere i went was surrounded my babies or little kids.

How to piss off a whole fandom:

So I started listening to sleeping with sirens, and im listening to them and thinking "I dont care what this chick singing looks like, to sound like this she has to be fucking hot!" and the kid who told me to look them up is sitting next to me laughing his ass off at this, and i say, im going to look them up and try and find a pic of her. Needless to say I just lost the only evidence I have saying i like girls in some way. So, yea, I looked up a band expecting a hot girl and find a hot dude... Im realllly not complaining.


Little timmy was five, and had an apple juice one to many. We told him it wasent safe to drive, but little timmy was one ego to many. Little timmy went down the stairs, his plastic car is now one piece to many.

This is what I came up with in between tears while watching The Black Parade is Dead movie. has nothing to do with anything, and makes no sense, but I think im going to hell for it.

huh, it really does tickle.

So today i had a first. My friend driving me to school hit a patch of ice and we spun out into a fence and ditch. tore the complete front end of his bumper off. The one time we drove like normal humans is when we fuck something up, wtf? Im ok, but i dont wear a seatbelt because i dont do being constricted by them, makes me flip out, so i got thrown onto his seat when we hit the fence. mother fucking fence it tough as hell. We hit it coming down hill, so that fucked us. thank god this girl in my class grandma drove by and helped me out.